Conservation International: where big data is a big deal


Objective: Enable distributed network of governments, researchers and scientists to pool and analyze vast amounts of structured and unstructured environmental field data

Approach: Implement a flexible, cloud-based big data analytics platform with functionality to index both structured and unstructured data and support very high-speed queries.

IT Matters:

  • 2.5 million camera trap records, 6.8 million climate records generate 8.3 million data records, 5TB of data
  • Advanced analytics that took days or months now complete in under 5 hours

Business Matters:

  • 17 active research sites monitor over 244 species
  • Enable 12 million people to sustainably manage nearly 1 billion acres of land, river systems and marine environments in 78 countries
  • Analyze species trends 9x faster

Our partnership with Vertica is enabling us to have deeper insights into our data. It is really enabling us to execute our mission by shining a light on the trends of tropical forest wildlife that we can share with protected area managers. Vertica is the cornerstone of the analytics system we have developed together.

  • - Eric Fegraus, Director of Technology, CI