Vertica Analytics offers vast scalability to advertising infrastructure


Objective: Required a highly scalable, high-performance database
to ingest and analyse massive data volumes generated by an advertising platform

Approach:  Researched the market, discussed requirements with vendors, and chose a premium product from a well-established partner

IT Matters:

  • Highly scalable and reliable data analytics system handling more than
    one million requests-per-second
  • Manages and analyses massive data volumes rapidly via a highly structured database, eliminating the limitations of traditional data warehouse technology
  • Constantly updates the data pool, generating a highly efficient advertising infrastructure

Business Matters:

  • Assesses an advert’s effectiveness rapidly, accelerating time-to-value
  • Real world and real-time feedback allows analysts to receive answers to
    ad-hoc queries in two seconds
  • 99% of reports generated in less than three seconds, satisfying SLAs and boosting customer satisfaction
  • Scales to handle the exponential growth on data, leading to more
    accurate advert performance results and supporting rapid growth



Thanks to Vertica, we’re now completely future ready even with the exponential growth we’re experiencing. When we add new hardware our Big Data analytics scales automatically.

  • - Dr Jochen Schlosser, senior vice president, Adform