Technology and Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics can transform your products and services

The technology industry is experiencing disruption. In an effort to support their customers’ digital transformation journeys, technology firms must fundamentally transform the way they deliver their products and services. In order to compete and win business in a saturated market, they must evolve their business models, product and service delivery, application architecture, and the user experience.

Many technology companies embed the Vertica Unified Analytics Platform into their products and solutions to manage operations and improve the user experience. Vertica is built on an open architecture that fits seamlessly into any application stack, giving product and development teams the real-time and predictive insights they need to build the next generation of technology solutions.

Eckerson Report

The rise of the Hybrid Cloud Data Platform in the Technology Sector

Embedding Analytics into the Modern Software Stack

Product and development teams can use embedded analytics to improve operations and build a streamlined, personalized user experience. In this white paper, learn:

  • Why product teams should consider a Hybrid Cloud Data Platform
  • What capabilities are important for success
  • What steps should be taken to evaluate and embed analytics into your applications


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Vertica powers the applications of the largest technology companies in the world

Extreme Scale and Performance


Embed an analytics platform that can grow as your customers and data do, and deliver blazing fast analytic performance regardless of scale.



Combine application telemetry data with other sources of customer data to give customers the streamlined user experience they expect.

In-Database Machine Learning


Deploy AI & Machine Learning models to monitor and automate operation of microservices architectures and personalize the user experience.

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud


Future-proof your application architecture by leveraging an analytics platform that gives you freedom over your infrastructure choices and provides a truly hybrid model.

The Data Explosion

Technology firms are experiencing a data explosion. There is significant growth in customer data, as well as telemetry data from applications that are often delivered as managed services and hosted by the provider. The largest growth of data over the next five years will include semi-structured data, especially from the Internet of Things.

Automation with Containers and Kubernetes

Application architectures are shifting from self-contained software stacks to containers within an ecosystem. Containerized architectures. Microservices architectures provide a lot of advantages to development teams and to customers, but they add complexity in terms of management and orchestration. Monitoring and automation are required to deliver the high availability and high performance that customers expect.

Customer Experience

Customers expect a streamlined, personalized user experience (UX) from their technology products and services. Product teams require insights into the UX in the form of application telemetry data. With the right analytics platform, organizations can leverage telemetry data as well as user data to better understand the UX, automate support, and personalize the application on an individual user level.

Vertica Inside Micro Focus

Micro Focus embeds Vertica for differentiation throughout its software portfolio.

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