AdTech Data Analytics

Data is your competitive advantage

Data is transforming the AdTech industry, and the volume and variety of customer data has had two major effects on digital advertising.

  • The ease of targeting, attribution, personalization, and pacing, has made addressable advertising the dominant method of buying and selling digital ad inventory.
  • Awareness of how corporations and technology companies leverage personal data has come to the forefront of public consciousness.

AdTech companies on the demand and supply side must deliver greater ROI to advertisers and publishers, and provide the reporting capabilities necessary to demonstrate value and support decision making. For AdTech companies, data is competitive advantage. Vertica is the unified analytics platform trusted by the largest AdTech platforms to deliver near real-time analytics on large volumes of disparate data sources, provide timely, granular reporting at massive scale, and build accurate customer models based on all of the available data.

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Addressing AdTech with analytics

Due to the explosion of customer data, digital advertising has become a significant channel for companies to reach consumers, and a pivotal revenue stream for digital platforms. Learn how Vertica customers on the supply and demand sides of AdTech deliver value to publishers and advertisers with data analytics.


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Addressing AdTech with analytics

Vertica Powers the AdTech Ecosystem with Data Analytics.

Extreme Scale and Performance


Quickly ingest and analyze growing volumes of customer data, including a variety of semi-structured data that represents the greatest source of data growth.



Deliver blazing fast granular reporting based on all of the available data wherever it resides to demonstrate customer value and transparency, and to support business decision making.

In-Database Machine Learning


Customer modeling will be critical for targeting, attribution, pacing and more. Vertica in-database ML produces accurate models based on fresh data, and reduces the time to market.

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud


With on-premises and cloud offerings, and Vertica in Eon Mode on-premises, Vertica facilitates a truly hybrid & multi-cloud strategy with a common interface for analytics.

The Data Explosion

Advertisers and publishers, and the AdTech ecosystem that supports them, have a wealth of data about their customers. That data will grow exponentially in volume and variety, and the challenge for AdTech firms will be to leverage that data for insights that help advertisers deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time to increase conversions.

Addressable Advertising

The growth of digital advertising as a means of targeting consumers and the reliance of advertising as a revenue stream for publishers means AdTech platforms must automate the process of ad buying and selling to keep up with demand. Targeting, attribution modeling, and reporting on transactions that number in the millions per second are critical for maximizing the Return on Investment for publishers and advertisers.

Data Privacy

Greater awareness around personal data has led to public backlash. Regulatory measures like GDPR, CCPA, and CDPA are changing the way companies can store and leverage consumer data. Additionally, technology platforms now understand the value of controlling access to their customers, leading to changes like the death of third-party cookies, and the removal of ad tracking across platforms. AdTech firms need to deliver results even as the most reliable methods of tracking, pacing, personalization, and attribution are eliminated.

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