How high-speed analytics powers a real-time bidding engine


Objective: Find data storage for real-time analytics engine

Approach:  Evaluate vendors and find a fast, reliable analytics engine compatible with company’s proprietary solution

IT Matters:

  • System loads nearly 2 TBs of data per hour into the Advertiser 3D’s analytics engine
  • Responds to 500 million search queries per day
  • 95% of performance advertisers provide tracking data

Business Matters:

  • With the Vertica analytics engine behind its flagship product, the company experienced 118% Performance Revenue Growth from FY 2012 to FY 2013 following the launch of its Advertiser 3D system in Q4 2012
  • 60% of Google top spenders use adMarketplace as part of their search advertising strategy; system serves ads to over 100 million unique users per month
  • Introduced the first programmatic marketplace for search advertising with the launch of BidSmart, allowing advertisers to bid algorithmically in real-time
  • Solution increased leads for, e.g., Mazda by 38% and at a lower cost per KPI than Google’s Search Partner Network


Our Big Data platform supports highly analytical customers working within a very data-intensive business. Companies that have near-real-time access to this data are the ones that win, especially when combined with an array of possible optimization actions.

  • - Mike Yudin, CTO, adMarketplace