Anritsu achieves 351% ROI and average annual benefit of over $3 million with Vertica


Challenge: As the service assurance business unit in Anritsu started to break into the domain of analytics, they realized that the data storage need has increased exponentially while the response times expected by the customers for any kind of analysis have decreased drastically. With their previous Oracle system, enlarging storage was complicated and time consuming. Moreover, the cost of the expansion would have been extremely high, while gaining comparatively little in terms of performance. Anritsu wanted to find a solution that would keep costs down while allowing them
the flexibility to scale both immediately and in the future if they find that they need to expand again.


  • Scalability: Vertica easily allows adding or removing storage because it is modular. This means that servers can be added as needed. If they had stayed with their previous set-up with Oracle, Anritsu feared that they would need to over-expand at the outset and that it would negatively affect how they work with their customers. The flexible scaling has had a significant impact on churn prevention
  • Cost: While Oracle’s database requires specialized hardware, Vertica can run on a much wider and cheaper range of servers. This cut costs by as much as $250,000 when comparing equivalent hardware setups for both options. Especially for smaller clients, Anritsu stressed how important it is that the cost base is to be kept as low as possible.
  • Implementation: Anritsu wanted to get their new solution up and running quickly and found that Vertica offered an accelerated timeline compared to an Oracle upgrade, resulting in a shorter payback period. Because they were also able to use their existing hardware and work directly with the HP engineers who designed Vertica, the transition was smooth and speedy.


  • Avoided upgrade costs. By switching to Vertica, Anritsu was able to avoid huge Oracle upgrade costs, saving over $2,000,000 per year
  • Increased employee productivity. Anritsu employees were able to increase their productivity significantly because deployments with Vertica were much faster to implement for each customer. As a result, Anritsu has been able to increase the number of customers that it can create deployments for.
  • Increased customer volume capacity. With Vertica, customers are able to handle much larger volumes of data more easily. As a result, the cost for Anritsu customers is lower and, simultaneously, Anritsu is able to manage the requirements of more customers more easily.
  • More competitive pricing. Anritsu is able to offer its customers lower prices because Vertica is able to handle a greater volume of data at a lower cost than Oracle.