Objective: Partner with Vertica to provide Big Data platform for mobile and telecommunications business analytics

Approach:  OEM partnership with Vertica to deliver Empirix IntelliSight

IT Matters:

  • Analyze billions of rows of subscriber data and return results in seconds, a task that was not possible in the past
  • Provide visibility into all subscribers
  • Prevent over-the-top apps from taking down networks

Business Matters:

  • Boost subscriber service quality
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Identify and target customers with revenue-generating offers
  • Predictive analytics improve customer ROI
  • Ability to simultaneously load and query data enables expansion into mobile

Empirix is dealing with astounding amounts of data—billions of rows of subscriber data sets. With Vertica, we can query and get a response in five to seven seconds. In the past, we didn’t even run these types of queries because it would have been ridiculous to tackle that. Now we can do real-time analytics.

  • - Navdeep Alam, director of engineering for analytics and prediction, Empirix