Want to develop, market, sell, or support a proven analytical database trusted by hundreds of data-driven organizations that responds so quickly that incredulous prospects think it can’t be real? A platform that returns query results in seconds, instead of hours, days, or even months?

We’re the Vertica team, based in Cambridge, MA with offices around the world, and the brains behind the analytics database that is taking the industry by storm. Our engineering team solves interesting problems in distributed systems, fault tolerance, optimization, and machine learning. We control the whole engine. And our customers such as Facebook, Zynga, Uber, and others put in petabytes of data and ask whatever questions they want; it’s our job to make that easy and fast. It’s a practical twist around some tough theoretical problems.

We’re also part of Micro Focus, but we operate as an independent unit. Think of us as a mature start-up that has maintained that small-company atmosphere and hunger to achieve, while also enjoying the perks and backing of a large, stable company.

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Vertica Headquarters
150 Cambridgepark Drive
Cambridge, MA 02140