Vertica enables fast data queries and meets risk management requirements

Objective: Improve data processing performance and meet regulatory, risk management and real-time query requirements

Approach:  Carried out detailed market research and screened two completely different solutions

IT Matters:

  • Overall data processing performance has improved by a factor of ten, data extraction speed has improved by 300 percent and data queries are
    100 times faster
  • Volume of data used for analysis has expanded from a few months’ worth to 3-5 years’ worth and further expansion can be made without a time limit
  • Vertica has high scalability and is easy to manage so total cost of ownership is reduced

Business Matters:

  • Financial risks are mitigated with support from core financial applications for risk control, money laundering and fraud prevention. Business and regulatory requirements are met and real-time data queries for various complex requests are provided
  • Analytics provide more precise opportunities to understand clients and users for better service and
    focused marketing

Vertica has a much higher data processing capability than previous generation systems. Its query speed is hundreds of times faster than that of a traditional database, and its R support allows us to take a solid step forward in terms of data applications.

  • - Yi Juan, general manager, China PnR