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Posted March 28, 2019 by Ben Smith, Senior Product Marketing Manager

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Announcing Vertica Version 9.2.1 – Take Analytics Efficiency to the Next Level

This week, some very cool things have gone into the newest version of the that make your analytics fly and save on your AWS budget. The theme for this release is Improving Vertica in Eon Mode Integration with Amazon S3, and there are a whole bunch of new features designed to do exactly that. But,...
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Can You Hear Me Now? Network Optimization at Work

For sports fans, there’s nothing that matches the heart-stopping action of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament – more commonly known as March Madness. This year’s tournament delivered a four-year high in terms of its , causing an advertiser frenzy in hopes to capture those audiences. If you watched this year’s tournament, you couldn’t...
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Is this Wine Good? Wine Quality with Machine Learning

How can you really tell if a wine is good? It’s a commonly known fact that the price of wine does not have a direct correlation to the quality or taste. What if we use some analytics to help make a clear determination if a wine is “good?” My friend and Data Scientist, , shared...

Include the ALTER and DROP Privileges in a GRANT ALL Statement

When you issue a GRANT ALL statement on a database object such as a table, the ALTER and DROP privileges are excluded. Staring in Vertica 9.2.1, you can include the ALTER and DROP privileges as part of a GRANT ALL statement by specifying the EXTEND clause. Helpful Link: Have fun!

Watch Out for Data Induced “Cross” Joins

I recently worked with a client who reported that a query in Vertica would not return data. That is, the query ran forever. The query was pretty simple, joining two 100 billion+ tables together. After some investigation, we realized that the query could potentially return trillions and trillions of records! Why? Because the join keys...

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Direct Output to /dev/null in VSQL

When tuning a query, you often need to run it many times as you make adjustments. If the query returns a lot of rows, then this can make for a messy screen and long waits as VSQL formats the data. All you really want to know is how long it took to run the query....
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NULL Values Do Not Count Against Your Vertica License!

I am often asked if NULL values stored in table columns are counted against the raw data size of a Vertica license. The answer is NO. Helpful Links: Have fun!

Add a Column to All of a Table’s Projections

Starting in Vertica 9.2.1, when you add a column to a table you can now tell Vertica to add that column to all of the table’s underlying projections. To do that, use the ALL PROJECTIONS clause of the ALTER TABLE … ADD COLUMN command. By default when you add a column to a table, Vertica...

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View the Query Plan for a COPY Statement

Vertica 9.2.1 now supports the ability to see the query plan produced by the EXPLAIN command for a COPY command. Wait, where is the plan? Oh, I need at least one table projection to get a plan! Helpful Links: Have fun!
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Close All Sessions for a User with a Single Command

The Vertica CLOSE_SESSION function can be used to close a user session one session at a time. If you have a user that has opened a bunch of sessions, closing them one at a time would be a very long and tedious process. That’s where the CLOSE_USER_SESSIONS function comes in handy. It will stop all...
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Table Schemas for Global and Local Temp Tables

By default, Vertica stores Global Temporary Tables in the Public schema and Local Temporary Tables in the V_TEMP_SCHEMA schema. Vertica uses the default schemas if a schema name is not provided when creating temporary tables: I can specify a different schema name for a Global Temporary Table: But not for a Local Temporary Table: Helpful...

DATAx Gaming Analytics Summit in San Francisco

According to a recent from Newzoo and Arm, the Mobile Gaming market is expected to top $100 billion by 2021, up from $56 billion in 2017. As the global adoption of smartphones continues to expand, so too does the use of mobile and online gaming. To capitalize on this growth, game developers are looking for...