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Announcing Vertica Version 12

Posted June 6, 2022 by Steven Sarsfield, Vertica Senior Product Marketing Manager – Partner Ecosystem

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We Got Your Favorite Vertica Grafana Datasource Plugin an Upgrade!

We just released the vertica-grafana-datasource plugin with new and improved features. Since its recent release, we have had about 250k plus downloads and the number is only increasing! The raw query mode now supports auto-completion that helps you suggest keywords as you type. You can also configure your backup server node which means that the...

Load Balancing on Elastic Kubernetes Clusters

Your long-running sessions could fail after you deployed Vertica on Elastic Kubernetes Cluster (EKS) with Load Balancer as the service type. When the load balancer type is not specified in yaml, by default, EKS generates a classic load balancer with a default connection idle timeout of 60 seconds. The aws-load-balancer-connection-idle-timeout can be set up to...

Creating Iceberg External Tables in Vertica

From Vertica 12.0.4 onwards, we support creating external tables with parquet files in Apache Iceberg Table format. Iceberg is a high-performance table format which uses advanced filtering techniques and provides better performance by avoiding file listing. The striking feature of the external Iceberg tables is that there is no need to specify columns when defining...
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Unlock the Potential of Your Data in Vertica with dbt: Experience ETL-Free Data Transformation

Co-authored with Oussama Chakri. Discover the all-new open-source dbt-Vertica adapter, offering cutting-edge features that will transform your data analytics journey. By connecting to Vertica with vertica-python, this adapter elevates the Data Build Tool (dbt) experience, enabling you to extract valuable insights and make data-driven decisions faster than ever. With the dbt-Vertica adapter, you can eliminate...
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Unlock the Potential of Data Discovery in Vertica with DataHub: Master Metadata and Accelerate Data Access

Co-authored with Oussama Chakri. Smoothen your data discovery and metadata management by integrating Vertica with DataHub using the new, certified DataHub-Vertica Plugin. This powerful combination will modernize your approach to metadata management, eliminating the need to search for the ideal dataset for your analysis. DataHub is a comprehensive metadata platform designed for data discovery, governance,...

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Default Custom User Resource Pool

In Vertica versions 12.0.4 and later, you can set a default user resource pool for all users instead of defaulting users to a general pool, using the DefaultResourcePoolForUsers configuration parameter. How to set it? As a dbadmin user, create a user resource pool. The pool name can be used to configure the DefaultResourcePoolForUsers option. In...
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Monitoring Metrics Using Vertica Prometheus and Vertica Grafana DataSource Plugins

Announcing an end-to-end solution to monitor your Vertica metrics! This solution provides a detailed overview of the open-source Grafana Data Source Plugin and Vertica Prometheus Exporter. It explains how you can use these plugins individually to track your metrics in Grafana or use them together based on your requirement. This solution covers • Grafana Data...
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Restrict Modifying Table Rows (UPDATE/DELETE) Irrespective of User Privileges

Do you have a table with critical information such as SIEM events or credit card transactions? Do you want to be able to block user access to UPDATE/DELETE rows in those tables? From version 12.0.0, you can do this by setting the tables as IMMUTABLE. This means you can only insert data and not modify...

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