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The Vertica Academy Is Open for Learning

Posted September 9, 2019 by Joy King, VP, Vertica Product Management & Product Marketing

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Introducing an Industry First – Vertica in Eon Mode for Pure Storage

This week at the Pure Accelerate conference, Vertica and Pure Storage of Vertica in Eon Mode for Pure Storage, the industry’s first and only analytical database solution with a separation of compute and storage architecture for on-premises analytic workloads. Why is this important to you? The rush to migrate analytic workloads to the cloud was,...

Vertica Big Data Conference Registration is Open!

We’re excited to announce that for the next Vertica Big Data Conference (BDC), held March 30 – April 2, 2020, at the Encore Boston Harbor Hotel. Don’t miss out on the early bird pricing rate of $695 (a $300 savings), along with buy 3 get 1 free group discounts!   What is the Big Data...

7 Critical Capabilities for Embedded Analytics

Software and technology vendors serving a range of industries – from security to healthcare – are increasingly turning to embedded analytics as a way to deliver value-added services and applications to their customers. Enterprises that embrace embedded analytics are changing the dynamics of business in every vertical market. The most disruptive companies in these industries...
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Intern Spotlight: Becoming an Engineer

My name is Richard Xu and I am a sophomore at Harvard University, studying Computer Science. This summer, Vertica has taught me how to be an engineer. Starting a career as a freshman is challenging. I may have the technical know-how and coding abilities, but the freshman stigma loomed over me. At the career fair...
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Have VSQL Beep Upon Command Completion

There are a lot of cool command line options available to VSQL. One of my favorites is the –b option which causes Vertica to “beep” when a command completes. This is very useful if you are running a very long sequence of SQL commands via a script. You can go off and do other things...

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Easy Development Schema Cleanup (i.e., Have Vertica Drop a Bunch of Tables for You)

On a development database, I have a lot of tables in the PUBLIC schema having similar names starting with “test_”. I’d like to drop all of these tables quickly. To do that, I can have Vertica generate the DROP commands and then execute them for me! P.S. Be careful with this command! Make sure when...
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Investigate Data Collector Table Data Produced by Scrutinize

The diagnostics tool scrutinize collects a broad range of information from a Vertica cluster. Part of the output from scrutinize includes data collector table data. Once extracted, we can easily load the data from a data collector table file into a Vertica Flex Table for analysis! Let’s take a look at the data from the...
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In-Database Machine Learning 2: Calculate a Correlation Matrix – A Data Exploration Post

In the , we discussed some of the reasons why it makes sense to do your machine learning inside the database. This will be the first post where we discuss some of the steps involved in the in-database machine learning workflow. Generally, the first thing you need to do is explore your data. This can...

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Load Data Enclosed By and Embedded With Double Quotes

Loading string data that is enclosed in double quotes where the string also contains double quotes can be problematic. We could alter the data so that it includes an escape character prior to each embedded double quote, but maybe that’s not possible. Another solution would be to use a FILLER to load the data then...

Intern Experience: Documentation at Vertica

My name is . I am currently a rising senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, pursuing a dual degree in English and Psychology, as well as an IT minor. I also hold a certificate in Professional Writing and Technical Communication. I am grateful to have been a part of that program, as I came...

Intern Spotlight: UX Design and the Vertica Forum Relaunch

My name is and I am a rising senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, studying English with concentrations in and Digital Humanities. I have a deep interest in User Experience Design (UXD) and I am passionate about creating innovative web content. This past summer, I joined the Information Development team to redesign the using...
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Make a Cow Display Query Results in VSQL

I used to have fun with the amusing old Linux command Cowsay. It inserts any input into a word bubble and draws an ASCII cow to talk to you. You can make the cow display your query results in VSQL! Helpful Links: Have fun!