We live in a world where data is the compass and data-driven companies require atomic-level analytics to chart their course. We live in a world where constant change brings new opportunities in the moment. We live in a world where the future belongs to the fast.

When we founded Vertica more than 10 years ago, we had a vision to build the analytics platform that would meet the unprecedented speed and scale of the data we saw coming, and that’s just what we did. We delivered performance at Exabyte scale. We built analytics functions into the core of the Vertica columnar database. We integrated with open source innovation and key complementary offerings through an adaptive, ecosystem-friendly architecture.

But we saw even more. On-premise data centers remain core to global enterprises but the elasticity of the cloud is equally important. Hadoop data lakes keep all the data at a manageable cost. The ability to optimize when new options arise, when market economics shift, and when business priorities demand change is just as important as the speed and scale of analytics. An analytics database that can only run on premise, or only in a specific cloud platform, or only for limited data formats is not enough.

We built Vertica to run in enterprise data centers on commodity hardware, across multiple cloud platforms and natively on Hadoop nodes. We built Vertica to analyze all forms of data, wherever it is stored. We built Vertica to provide a best-in-class, unified analytics platform that will forever be independent from underlying infrastructure. We believe in fast, and we believe in freedom.

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