Fashion retailer seizes insight, efficiency across operations with Vertica solution


Objective: Adopt a new data analytics platform to deliver actionable data to all segments of the business for improved operations and business intelligence

Approach:  Implement the Vertica solution integrated with user friendly mobile applications and data warehouses

IT Matters:

  • Delivers 60-400 times better querying performance with daily batch loads taking 60-90 minutes versus up to 5 hours
  • Enabled the development of a recommendations engine in 3 months
  • Accommodates 36 TB of data (compared to 3 TBs before) with cost-effective expansion capabilities
  • Simplifies time-consuming ETL work and reduces data transformation time for company developers
  • Provides a platform for expanding the company’s predictive analytical
    capabilities to gain higher profitability

Business Matters:

  • Empowers reports, calculations, and analytics for 80% of the company’s workforce worldwide for better business decisions and operational efficiency
  • Accelerates application speed-to-market by 30-35%, enabling the rollout of 8 mobile enterprise applications that improve decision-making, efficiency
  • Improves merchandise allocation and inventory management across retail locations due to 60-80 times faster performance of complex sales queries
  • Affords better sales tracking because essential daily store reports are generated 90-400 times faster than before
  • Allows designers, buyers, planners, and merchants to manage their operational areas in near real time

Our Vertica platform is instrumental in many areas of our business— creating predictive algorithms, serving up product recommendations, powering insight to our mobile apps, and generating daily reports and ad hoc queries. It’s crucial for enabling us to be more agile with data.

  • - Bruce Yen, Director - Business Intelligence, GUESS?, Inc.