The future belongs to the fast, and Vertica delivers the fastest, most scalable hybrid cloud database, forever independent from underlying infrastructure.

Vertica’s SQL database is trusted by the world’s leading data-driven companies, including Cerner, Etsy, Uber, and more to deliver speed, scale, and reliability on mission-critical analytics. Vertica is a database and query engine that leverages the power of cloud-based technologies, but can be deployed on-premises as well. SQL, Python, time series, geospatial, and machine learning analytics can help you unlock the true potential of your data no matter where it sits.

Are you looking for a comprehensive view of Vertica capabilities? Take a look at the Vertica Overview data sheet.

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Deploy Vertica-as-a-Service, or manage the platform yourself


Vertica as a SaaS offering that delivers a unified, high-performance advanced analytics and machine learning platform in your AWS cloud account.

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looking at unified data analytics platform

Vertica Unified Analytics Platform

Customer-managed, advanced analytics and in-database machine learning platform that runs on-premises, in the clouds, and supports (Kubernetes (K8s).

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Vertica is built for the scale and complexity of today’s data-driven world

Analyze All of Your Data

unified Analytics Platform

No longer move data or settle for siloed views. Access a single platform for data warehouse modernization and data lake exploration.

Achieve Scale and Performance

analytics at scale

Fear of growing data volumes and users is a thing of the past. Your complex questions get responses quickly, while you scale data and users linearly.

Future-Proof Your Analytics

analytics database

Data storage decisions made today won’t impact your ability to execute in the future. Evolve as requirements change or new technologies emerge.

Architected for Performance

Remove scale, performance, and capacity constraints with a platform architected from day one to handle the largest data volumes and most demanding workloads. Vertica delivers 10-50x faster performance or more compared to legacy systems.

What could you achieve with 50x faster analytics?

Massively Parallel Processing

Massively Parallel Processing

Run queries in parallel across infrastructure and scale-out linearly for faster performance or more users

Columnar Storage

Columnar Storage

Increase query speed over traditional row-based storage systems by reading only the necessary data

Advanced Compression

Advanced Compression

Apply advanced compression algorithms to reduce disk space by up to 90% and improve performance by lowering costly I/O

Optimized Projections

Optimized Projections

Store data in format and structure optimized to improve performance on mostly frequently run analytics


Hybrid Cloud – Deployment Freedom

Vertica provides the flexibility of private and public cloud deployment – not just a proprietary cloud, but any cloud.

Our database seamlessly connects on-premises environments to public clouds for a hybrid data cloud experience. By implementing hybrid cloud, you can increase flexibility, performance, and scalability. It offers you a way to maintain complete control of your data while leveraging modern cloud technologies.

With Vertica deployed to a hybrid cloud, you can escape public cloud lock-in while leveraging new capabilities like separation of compute and storage. Vertica helps you create a strategy for more predictable pricing with our flexible deploy-anywhere license. It’s the best way to place workloads in the right place for price/performance and avoid single point of failure scenarios.

The power to ramp up your analytics capabilities

With Vertica, there are no limits to your data analytics explorations. You get MPP architecture for highly scalable capacity as your data grows. You get Flex Tables for working with semi-structured data, plus the ability to query HDFS (Hadoop) data in place. And you get advanced features like Live Aggregate Projections and the ability to write User Defined Extensions (UDXs) in Python or R.

  • MPP Architecture, High Availability
  • Role-Based and Column Security
  • Standard SQL (ANSI 99)
  • Flex Tables (metered at 1/10th)
  • DB Designer, Management Console, Elastic Cluster
  • ORC & Parquet Readers (to query Hadoop data)
  • Parquet Export
  • UDx’s written in Java and C++, Voltage UDx (Voltage UDx is pre-built and shipped with Vertica)
  • Write UDXs in Python and R
  • Workload Analyzer
  • Advanced SQL Functions (Analytical, Pattern Matching, Time Series, Geospatial)
  • ROLAP SQL Functions (Rollup Aggregations, Grouping Sets Aggregations, Cube Aggregations, Pivot)
  • Predictive Analytics Functions (e.g. outlier detection, linear & logistic regression, k-means, naïve bayes, random forest, confusion matrix, etc.)
  • Fault Groups, Key Value interface
  • Live Aggregate Projections, Flattened Tables, Text Search

Data Disruptors Webcast Series

Vertica supports the world’s leading data-driven disruptors in their pursuit of industry and business transformation. Our latest webcast series celebrates these Data Disruptors with insights from Philips Healthcare, Nimble Storage, The Climate Corporation, and more.

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Extensive Ecosystem Integrations

Vertica works with your existing data infrastructure. Integrate with the most commonly used hardware, public clouds, open source tools, popular programming languages, and commercial solutions.

Flexible pricing and licensing options fit your organizational needs


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Vertica by the hour

Purchase Vertica with usage-based, hourly pricing directly from the AWS Marketplace or Google Marketplace.

Software License

Vertica is available as a perpetual or subscription license for on-premises or cloud deployments. The software license can be purchased on a per-node or per-terabyte basis and comes with Dev, QA, and HA environments.

External Data

Want to analyze your data lake at an economically favorable price? Purchase the Vertica External Data add-on to analyze data stored in Hadoop or Amazon S3 data lakes.