Cerner Corporation’s Millennium® solution platform not only provides Electronic Health Records for health care providers, but also helps those providers optimize processes to speed the delivery of care and eliminate waste and error

Objective: Improve efficiency and quality of patient care by speeding analysis of system performance timers and client workflow data

Approach:  Cerner Corporation moved from an existing general-purpose database to the Vertica Analytics Platform

IT Matters:

  • Analysis for a client’s 6 million performance timers reduced from 20
    minutes to 20 seconds—a 6,000% improvement
  • Concurrency raised to more than 450 simultaneous users

Business Matters:

  • SLAs kept through more proactive management of Millennium hosting
  • Ability to scale analytics capabilities as demand grows
  • User workflow analysis to improve efficiency and quality of patient care, supporting government regulations

Some Health Facts users would issue a query at 5 p.m. as they leave for the day, hoping they would have a result when they return at 8 a.m. the next morning. With Vertica, those query times are down to two or three minutes.

  • - Dan Woicke, director of Enterprise System Management, Cerner