hMetrix helps improve healthcare decisions and outcomes with Vertica in the cloud


Objective: Help healthcare stakeholders manage patient risk and foster wellness by delivering user-friendly, business intelligence solutions

Approach:  Implement a big data solution on premise and in the cloud to enable analytics of complex patient and clinical data

IT Matters:

  • Provides a powerful, reliable database for 10 TBs of compressed data representing claims, patient records, and clinical information for quick access to patient information
  • Achieves up to 70x improved response time, enabling faster data queries versus traditional databases
  • Delivers real-time data from billions of records for healthcare providers serving patients

Business Matters:

  • Provides the analytical platform on which the company can monetize its healthcare solutions
  • Saves a full-time database administrator’s annual salary
  • Serves 50 percent more customers than with the previous database environment, enabling
    the provision of additional revenue-generating solutions
  • Allows staff to conduct complex, comparative, and predictive analyses on large data sets to help clients manage risk
  • Helps health providers manage risk in compliance with new regulations governing bundled payments

It’s great to see the speed, compatibility, and technical progress because of Vertica in the cloud on Amazon Web Services. But more importantly, this solution is about improving lives and helping rehabilitation managers do their jobs.

  • - Zacharia Mathew, Director of Analytics, hMetrix LLC