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AI & Data Analytics for the Telecommunications Industry

Optimize insights and AIOps with analytics and AI embedded into telco applications and solutions

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OpenText solutions for telco

OpenText Benefits

Make smarter business decisions and improve customer experience by applying AI and data analytics in the telecom industry.

Protect business reputation with AIOps

Protect business reputation with AIOps

Leverage NWDAF and 5G MEC to gain full, real-time insights from mountains of data to ensure uninterrupted service and effectively cater to users’ needs.

Telecom product adoption

Ensure the adoption of telecom products

Integrate high-performance and scalable data analytics into telecom applications and solutions for service assurance, security, and network monitoring.

Faster time to market

Get intelligent products to market faster

Empower engineering teams with comprehensive insights from any data source and volume, and analyze historical performance and forecast outcomes without data migration.

Telecom analytics for better BI

Gather better business intelligence (BI)

Elevate reporting and visualization capabilities, overcome open-source analytic tool constraints, and easily connect to APIs for machine learning and AI in telecom.

Lower TCO and carbon footprint with AIOps

Minimize environmental impact

Achieve a smaller carbon footprint, reduce compute resources, and deliver a lower TCO with AIOps.

Business impacts

Data analytics in the telecom industry

Telco organizations must analyze network data to optimize services and make smarter business decisions. Yet legacy analytics solutions are unable to analyze the mountains of 5G-driven data. Unlock deep insights with embedded data analytics and AI.

Data reporting and visualization

Telco operators rely on in-depth reporting and visualization to understand both structured and unstructured network data. Open-source analytics solutions offer limited reporting. Enhance business intelligence with advanced analytics.

Data access

Real-time data is necessary for telecom operators to deliver uninterrupted service and make informed decisions. Traditional data transfers are slow and reduce time to insights. Use analytics and AI to quickly access all data from on- or off-cloud sources.

Unstructured data

Data analytics enables telco organizations to draw insights and generate actionable intelligence. Traditional analytics solutions are limited to structured data, meaning many insights are missed. Understand all data with telecom AI and analytics.

Carbon footprint

Telco organizations want to reduce their environmental impact as more customers favor eco-conscious brands. But as 5G generates more data, more servers need to be used. Minimize server usage and reduce energy consumption with telecom AI solutions.

Data governance

Evolving regulations mean data privacy is more important for telecom companies than ever. With more data-crossing networks, it is difficult to apply complete governance with traditional methods. Leverage AI to comply with data regulations in the 5G era.

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OpenText solutions for telco

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OpenText offers a suite of analytics and AI products to enable business intelligence and reporting.

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