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Are you prepared for 5G?

5G is transforming the telecommunications industry. Operators know it’s more than just a next-generation network: 5G will deliver faster speeds, increased bandwidth, and lower latency. It will allow solutions like the Internet of Things (IoT) to drive to new heights by delivering a more reliable IoT environment.

But with all its promise comes challenges. Analysts project there will be 55 billion connected devices by 2025. With a lot more data traveling across networks, there’s also more data for operators to store, manage, and analyze in a timely manner.  Keeping costs low, meeting regulatory requirements, and keeping up with demands for analytics requires careful planning.

Obtaining Telecom Network Intelligence and Customer Insight

5G services are quickly becoming a business reality, which will breed new expectations concerning the customer experience. Learn how to master a mountain of data to help deliver a quality customer experience in the 5G era.


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What should Operators Look for to Support Storage and Movement of More Data Across Networks?

Extreme Scale and Performance


Analyze massive volumes of data in tight SLAs with no limits in terms of scale or concurrent users



Leverage structured data from the data warehouse and semi-structured data from the data lake for enhanced BI/reporting and enriched predictive models

In-Database Machine Learning


Accelerate time-to-market and produce more accurate predictive models using all of your data

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud


Bring analytics to your data wherever it resides: in your on-premises data center and in any of the public clouds

Cost Management

User behavior is changing. Low cost-per-bit services like voice calls are declining, while high cost-per-bit services like video streaming are dominating. At the same time, data revenues are not consumption-based. The pressure is on for operators to manage costs while delivering superior Quality of Service.

Find out how a China Telecom supports better decision making with up to 50x faster reporting and 50% lower TCO.

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The Expansion of Data

90% of new data will be semi-structured and unstructured data that will reside in HDFS or in object storage like S3. Operators will need to leverage all of their data for analytics, regardless of where it resides. A single central repository is not always realistic, but giving data analytics access to all who need it is essential.

Embracing Cloud

For many reasons, telecom operators have been slow to embrace cloud. However the public clouds enable many of the features operators need to be flexible and adaptive to their customers’ needs. The future for most companies will certainly be multi-cloud and hybrid, and operators should make infrastructure and application decisions with interoperability in mind.

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High-Value Analytic Use Cases for Operators

Customer churn is the single greatest cause of revenue erosion for operators. It costs far more to acquire new customers than retain existing ones. With the growth of data, telecom operators know more than they ever have about their customers and their behavior, and they can use that data to identify customers who are at risk of churning. Customer retention can have a significant impact on an operator’s bottom line.

How can unified analytics help predict and reduce churn?


Improvements in Network Function Virtualization, such as 5G Network Slicing, have transformed the way operators manage traffic on their networks. However, traditional monitoring solutions can’t keep up with the speed and agility that a dynamic 5G network demands. To ensure an optimal Quality of Service, operators should implement near-real-time analytic solutions and leverage predictive models to proactively identify and respond to network issues.

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Vertica powers the most popular Telecom ISVs

Leading telecom ISVs embed Vertica for analytics because it delivers the scale, performance, and predictive capabilities operators demand. These are just a sample of Vertica partners serving telecom operators today.

Network Monitoring & Service Assurance

Customer Experience

Test & Measurement

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NetOps & AIOps

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Fraud Management

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United Group uses Vertica Machine Learning for Addressable Advertising

IPTV is seeing increased adoption by consumers, and increased spending by advertisers, many of whom would not buy traditional television ads. Operators have an opportunity to leverage customer data to generate revenue from ad inventory.

Find out how United Group uses Vertica to combine 50+ customer and device attributes to serve a personalized block of ads based on a customer’s interest, and make near real-time decisions on how to fill that ad block.

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