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Upcoming Webinar: Exploring S3 and HDFS Data Lakes

Looking for a way to get the most of your data stored in Hadoop? During this 45mins demo you will learn how you can use Vertica to analyze your data in place on HDFS or S3 storage and avoid moving and reloading. Vertica SQL on Hadoop is platform agnostic and will integrate with any distribution of Hadoop. In addition, a comprehensive set of in-database Machine Learning functions built-in to Vertica allow analysis in place without sampling or movement of large datasets. Join us to see it in action!

Date: Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Time: 11:00am ET

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Predictive Maintenance

Clickstream Analytics

Telco Analytics with Vertica and Logi Analytics

Support Ticketing Analytics with Vertica and Tableau

Vertica Community Edition Install for VM

Vertica Installation and Introduction

Interactive Vertica demos by popular Big Data use cases on AWS and Azure Clouds

Take a two hour test drive of Vertica-powered sample applications with pre-loaded data, running in the cloud with step-by-step tutorial and informative video

Clickstream Analytics

Vertica enables you to analyze clickstream, sales and conversion data for click-path optimization, perform customer segmentation and discover the power of A/B testing for improving conversions. In this test drive, we will create an instance of the Vertica cluster to load data and analyze it before and after conducting A/B testing. You will have 2 hours to play, query and analyze the dataset.

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Predictive Maintenance

Experience how Vertica enables you to store in near real time sensor data from multiple cooling towers and predict equipment failure. You will create an instance of the Vertica cluster and generate readings from cooling towers in real time. Use a web browser to interact with Vertica to leverage machine learning algorithm such as logistic regression and predict risk of failure to prevent down-time.

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