Fast queries let games respond to player behavior in real-time


Objective: Improve player retention by boosting player engagement

Approach:  Leverage real-time analytics to detect and respond to player behavior, optimizing gaming experiences to hold player interest and build player loyalty

IT Matters:

  • Solution processes 99.9% of messages within 200 milliseconds, enabling games to respond to player behavior in real-time
  • Fast query speeds possible even when data sets reach billions of records

Business Matters:

  • Player engagement increased by up to 350%, helping to drive retention and loyalty
  • Increased player retention boosts revenue by as much as 6x
  • Exposure to risk reduced during launch of new games or features, enabling developers to focus more confidently on marketing, acquisition
  • More sophisticated big data analytics provides foundation for improved market insights and competitive advantage
  • Elimination of sluggish analytics processes reduces development cycles by 2 weeks or more, enabling developers to respond more nimbly to market dynamics and customer preferences


Thanks to Vertica software, we’re transforming gaming industry analytics.

  • - Mark Robinson, CEO, deltaDNA