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What is Hybrid Cloud?

What is Hybrid Cloud? Hybrid cloud is an IT infrastructure that combines public cloud services and private cloud resources and enables applications to be managed and ported between them. It creates a tough, flexible platform for running a company’s analytical and computing workloads, because applications can run simultaneously on multiple environments within the infrastructure. A hybrid cloud deployment leverages public clouds and private…

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What is a hybrid cloud strategy?

What is a hybrid cloud strategy? For organizations undergoing digital transformation, a hybrid cloud strategy is imperative for deploying and managing applications and services. Being able to deploy analytics on multiple public clouds as well as private clouds allows for greater flexibility and power. Why is a hybrid cloud strategy valuable? With a hybrid cloud strategy, you’ll forever be able…

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What is AIOps?

What is AIOps? AIOps is using Artificial Intelligence for IT operations management. Defining AIOps AIOps stands for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. It is advanced analytics including machine learning and AI to monitor and manage the performance and reliability of applications and hardware systems, detect anomalous problems, adapt to changes in requirements, handle failures, and proactively or rapidly adjust with…

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What is Database as a Service (DBaaS)?

What is Database as a Service (DBaaS)? Database as a Service (DBaaS) is a category of cloud-based computing managed services that provide access to a database without the need to establish physical hardware, install software, or configure the database. Instead, the service provider handles most database administration and maintenance tasks. Users can quickly start up a database and load and…

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What is predictive maintenance?

What is predictive maintenance? Predictive maintenance applies data analytics to improve expensive break/fix and scheduled maintenance service models. Predictive maintenance combines data about hardware, software, and service components in order to determine the maintenance requirements for mechanical assets. Monitoring emerging failures, predicting capacity overruns, identifying breakdowns, and determining remaining asset life are all aspects of predictive maintenance. AIOps, the use…

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What is data mesh and data fabric?

What is data mesh? What is data fabric? Two strategic initiatives, some assembly required Are data mesh and data fabric the latest and greatest initiative, or new buzzwords aimed at selling solutions? It’s hard to say, but these emerging new corporate initiatives have a goal in common – namely dealing with disparate data. You can often achieve more value from…

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