The largest sports clothing and equipment store in Quebec biggest selection of footwear and sportswear, as well as all the equipment necessary to meet the needs of team sports and individual sports enthusiasts.

Challenge: Become a data-driven organization, with a single view of the customer, and the ability to extract key insights in real-time from a centralized, enterprise-grade data warehouse.

Products and Services: Vertica Analytics Platform.


  • Full data consolidation for comprehensive real-time analytics
  • Enhanced reporting capability through Tableau
  • Self-service data analytics capability for the end-users
  • Improved protection of sensitive customer data

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Our main objective was to manage our current data challenges, but also to prepare for the future. We now have a consolidated and secure Vertica data warehouse, run by our franchisees themselves. We manage large data volumes through a scalable infrastructure which is entirely customizable by the end users, with self-service data analytics.

  • - Fabian Bo, CTO, Sportium