Platform accommodates large volumes of data and provides fast returns on queries


Objective: Migrate to a new, scalable analytics platform to accommodate a data intensive company undergoing rapid growth

Approach:  Researched, evaluated and selected new analytic database platform

IT Matters:

  • Capacity to increase the amount of data records added on a weekly basis by 10x—an additional 2 billion data records, up from 200 million per week in the past
  • Typical returns on queries reduced from up to 40 minutes to only one-half or one minute on average, up to 40-to-80x faster
  • 100% reliable/stable—eliminated the need to do weekly back-ups and maintenance indexing, reducing operational support time by 90%
  • Ability to easily scale out as needed

Business Matters:

  • Increased average customer pipeline 10x: 200 new advertiser prospects on a weekly basis, up from 20 per week on legacy platform, with the ability to scale out to reach many more customers
  • Achieved return on investment in just three months
  • Met same-day rapid customer response instead of overnight
  • Increased inventory of advertising offers, which results in increased revenue
  • Reduced operational overhead by 90% and can now re-assign personnel from maintenance to revenue-focused analytics
  • Increased revenue resulting from more advertisers participating in rewards programs
  • Improved customer loyalty for retail-facing financial institution customer bases


Our advertising clients are looking for innovative ways to attract new customers and better engage existing ones. Our Vertica Analytics Platform enables us to fine-tune and personalize offers, and we are providing this service at hyper-speed.

  • - Scott Grimes, CEO, Cardlytics