By evolving our analytics capabilities with Vertica, we’ve been able to improve knowledge sharing across our business, which enables us to be more responsive to our customers’ needs and stay ahead of our competitors.

  • - Mr. Xiaodong Chen, Deputy Manager, Enterprise Information Department, China Telecom Corporation Limited, Zhejiang Branch

Customer behavior analytics is becoming a mandate for every business in every industry to understand, engage, and retain customers.

While traditional analytic technologies have helped businesses understand how their customers interact with products and services in order to provide a more personalized experience and monetize more opportunities, customer expectations are increasing, creating more pressure on businesses to achieve even greater customer insight at every interaction.

Vertica Analytics Platform enables data-driven organizations across every industry to manage and analyze massive volumes of disparate sources of customer data — from web logs and clickstreams to CRM and customer call detail records — at Exabyte scale and extreme speed to gain an in-depth, 360- degree view of customer interactions. Armed with deeper advanced analytical insights, your organization can finally improve customer web experiences, test and iterate products and services, improve marketing and campaign effectiveness, lower acquisition costs, and reduce churn.

Top Vertica Use Cases for Customer Behavior Analytics:

Clickstream Analytics

Analyzing clickstream data provides rich insights into which pages are effective and which pages site visitors ignore, enabling your team to make targeted changes for an improved user experience. When combined with sales and conversion data, clickstream analysis can help you discover the most effective series of steps to encourage conversions, sales, and add-on purchases.

Customer Churn Predictive Analytics

By combining various sources of customer behavior analytics data and interactions with Vertica’s built-in Machine Learning algorithms, companies can better understand, identify, and predict the early signals of customer churn and take proactive measures to increase customer retention and lifetime value.

Improving Customer Experience with Machine Learning and Sensor Data at Scale

We live in an increasingly connected world – from cloud software and data center hardware to medical devices, industrial machines, and consumer wearables. Whatever can be connected, will be connected.

Watch this Data Disruptors webcast to hear how Zebrium uses machine learning to structure product telemetry data and deliver specialized tools that improve the customer support experience. 

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How Gaming Companies use Big Data for Retention and Monetization

The gaming space represents one of the more recent areas where rapid data collection and analysis is providing competitive differentiation.

Find out why the secret behind gaming success is not only the ability to understand players’ needs, behaviors, and usage patterns, but to respond to these things quickly – enabling companies like deltaDNA to increase player retention and boost revenue by as much as 6x.

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deltaDNA responds to and adapts to player behavior in real-time with Vertica

The Challenge:

  • Competition among game developers is fierce
  • A shift away from “pay-to-play” to “free-to-play” gaming
  • Improve player retention by boosting player engagement
  • Convert players into paying customers

The Solution:

  • Leverage real-time analytics to detect and respond to player behavior, optimizing gaming experiences to hold player interest and build player loyalty with Vertica

The Result:

  • Player engagement increased by up to 350%
  • Increased player retention boosts revenues by as much as 6x
  • Reduced development cycles by 2 weeks or more

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Thanks to Vertica software, we're transforming gaming industry analytics.

  • - Mark Robinson, CEO, deltaDNA

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