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Gaming Data Analytics

Better monetization with player insights

Gaming companies need to keep up with analytics

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Analyzing gaming telemetry data

The gaming industry is facing disruption. Players have an unprecedented level of choice in how they spend their time and money, and new models like Free-to-Play, Pay-to-Play, Pay-to-Win, and Games as a Service are forcing gaming companies to consider new strategies for player engagement and monetization.

The good news is that gaming companies are closer to the player experience than ever, with a vast amount of player and game telemetry data from which to draw insights.

The bad news is this data is growing in terms of volume, variety, and velocity, and gaming companies need a powerful, flexible analytics solution to shape the player experience with real-time and predictive insights. This is why many gaming companies around the world choose the Vertica Unified Analytics Platform to better engage their players and monetize their games.

OpenText Vertica

Analytics for the gaming industry

Due to the growth in the gaming industry, as well as new, disruptive business models, gaming companies must increase engagement and forge close customer relationship.

In this white paper, learn why analytics is critical to success for gaming companies, and what capabilities are important in an analytics platform.

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Vertica powers the worldwide gaming industry

Vertica is the analytical database with the best value for the highest performance on any data analytics, at any scale, anywhere.

Store more data

Extreme scale and performance

Keep up with growing volumes of game telemetry data and customer data, and derive near-real-time insights.

Unified analytics

Unified analytics

Combine telemetry data with customer account data for real-time and predictive insights that can drive player acquisition, engagement, retention, and monetization.

In-database machine learning

In-database machine learning

Engagement and monetization strategies must be predictive. Remove the most common barriers to operationalizing AI & ML with in-database machine learning.

Multiple deployment options

Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud

Future-proof your infrastructure strategy with a truly hybrid analytics platform that enables you to analyze data that resides in any public cloud, on-premises, or both.

OpenText Vertica

Gaming analytics across devices and platforms

Gamers have more options than ever for how they spend their time. Mobile, PC, and console platforms have large volumes of games from large studios and indie studios, and virtually every platform has libraries of games available for low subscription prices. Engagement and player loyalty are critical drivers of sustained success for every gaming company.

New business models

The growth of business models like Free-to-Play, Pay-to-Play, Pay-to-Win, and Games as a Service are changing the way gaming companies monetize their games. In-app purchases, including microtransactions and subscription services, are replacing flat purchases, and monetization strategies are predicated on acquiring and retaining a strong player base.

Analyzing gaming telemetry data is the solution

New methods of delivery, including cloud-based and SaaS-like hosting where players are always connected to the publisher, mean that gaming companies are closer than ever to the player experience. Gaming companies must leverage game telemetry data to understand and influence player behavior. By combining telemetry data with account and demographic data,  gaming companies gain the insights into their player base that can inform content, marketing, and monetization decisions.

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