Game Show Network broadcasts original and classic game programs, and skill-based competitive entertainment and games.


Challenge: Game Show Network was experiencing slow and incomplete queries, and their inability to analyze large volumes of data, efficiently. It became clear their existing data warehouse infrastructure could not handle their new requirements.

Results: Values the following features in Vertica software the most:

  • Extreme speed and performance
  • Simplicity
  • Standard SQL interface
  • Simultaneous loading and querying
  • Aggressive compression
  • Ease of interaction with existing BI tools through connectors and ODBC/JDBC
  • Optimizer and execution engine

Achieved the following with Vertica software:

  • Faster analysis and reporting
  • The ability to load and analyze data concurrently
  • Greater business insight
  • Greater financial insight
  • Improved insight into customer behaviors
  • Increased amount and complexity of data analyzed
  • High availability for analytics systems
  • Is able to analyze 100 – 500% more data at one time with Vertica.

Vertica has enabled us to run an unorthodox ETL strategy based on generic columns which allow our engineers to quickly identify important data points and add that data to the data warehouse without support from the BI team. It has also enabled us to run complex reports and load data much faster (orders of magnitude) than our legacy databases.

  • - JB Huang, Senior Data Engineer, Game Show Network