AmeriPride Services exploits Vertica big data platform to gain strategic view, find new benefits

Objective: Differentiate from competitors and achieve further growth by using quality data, analytics in decisions and process improvements

Approach:  Create a cohesive, scalable big data platform to enable data access, analysis and inclusiveness from various formats

IT Matters:

  • Provides optimized performance for querying large, diverse data sets; some processes done in 17 minutes (36 hours previously)
  • Allows creation of 15-20+ touch points in data collection that enhance customer connections
  • Scales cost effectively without licensing penalties
  • Provides data seamlessly for use in strengthening work and machine performance

Business Matters:

  • Enables better decisions by providing a complete overview of culture, finances and operations
  • Fosters more intelligence and analysis to understand customers, increase loyalty, strengthen partnerships and improve work roles for greater employee satisfaction
  • Helps the company institute improvements that enhance safety, efficiency and environmental initiatives
  • Allows executives, marketing and customer-facing employees to use data inclusively to solve key issues and direct operations

We query large sets of data in different information types with Vertica to analyze what’s going on across time. Instead of being reactive with our customers, we’re now more proactive and predictive with our analytics. The idea is to get visibility and transparency with the customer.

  • - Steven John, Chief Information Officer, AmeriPride