Vertica Flexible Pricing

Take your analytics – and your business – to new levels of data-driven insights.

You’ve now had a chance to see the power and speed of Vertica via our free Community Edition. If you’ve encountered any issues, please let us help you solve them right away.

However, if you’re thinking that Vertica can help you achieve new greatness in your analytical workloads, this is a great time to get a fully licensed version. Take your analytics – and your business – to new levels of data-driven insights with Vertica’s flexible pricing at an amazing discount!*

We have many field-tested, proven deployment models model that allow your data requirements to evolve within your budget.

Subscription Pricing

For use with an installable version of Vertica and K8s. Available on-premises, in the clouds, or hybrid.

Never pay for dev, test, or backup environments

Simple transferable license to query your data where and when you want

You decide whether to license by terabyte or per node

No hidden costs for support, or analytical features. It’s all included.

Time-based license with interval billing

Single predictable operating expense

SaaS Pricing

For use with Vertica Accelerator (SaaS and AWS cloud only).

Install in your Amazon cloud, not ours. Use your negotiated discounts, savings plans, and reserved instances set up on your secure AWS account.

Auto-scaling and auto-scheduling – Vertica makes the most efficient use of your cloud servers

Easy administration and setup

Control servers, nodes and utilization from your browser

*This time-limited promotion does not apply to existing Vertica customers or their affiliates, or to active quotations.

"Vertica gives us the performance, scalability, flexibility, and pricing structure to help our clients engage consumers, drive lifetime value, and increase revenues."
Yaacov Ben-Yaacov, Founder and CEO
Catch Media

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