Optimal Plus drives manufacturing excellence with Vertica


Objective: Improve the delivery of time sensitive data and analytics of
semiconductor/electronics manufacturing data

Approach:  Integrate a scalable, high performance data analytics engine with the company’s solutions

IT Matters:

  • Outpaces indexing, granularity, and query response times vs. legacy database—analytics on 2 billion data points done in less than a minute
  • Runs a performance demo in 2.5 minutes against 200,000 equipment test results
  • Strengthens the company’s manufacturing test software with increased functionality, performance, and scalability

Business Matters:

  • Aids collection, organization, and storage of data from 50 billion semiconductors and printed circuit boards a year for holistic views of global supply chains and improvements in yield, performance, and product quality
  • Accelerates the speed of predictive and prescriptive insights
  • Fosters uptime of plant assets by enabling models of historical data vs. streaming data and algorithms that predict equipment faults
  • Enables customers to seamlessly access and analyze continuous streams of manufacturing data for swift responses to faults

Vertica delivers incredible performance on structured data and can scale effectively to meet our future requirements. We found it to be the most enterprise-ready solution.

  • - Michael Schuldenfrei, Chief Technology Officer, Optimal Plus