Vertica Analytics boosts the customer experience for sports enthusiasts


Objective: Required a high-performance database to ingest and analyse massive data volumes created by customers’ coaching solutions and enhance the user experience

Approach:  Initiated a Big Data project, developed a new application and sought a likeminded partner with analytic database expertise

IT Matters:

  • Manages and analyses massive data volumes rapidly and reliably via a highly structured database, eliminating the limitations of traditional data warehouse technology
  • Scales to handle a constantly expanding database, building more effective training regimes for customers
  • Drives all features of the Big Data project’s primary application, supporting millions of weekly training sessions

Business Matters:

  • Constantly updates the data pool, generating highly accurate progress and performance information to users
  • Boosts brand awareness and enhances the user experience substantially, delivering a competitive edge in a highly aggressive market
  • Provides an all-embracing view of each training session, eliminating the need for performance testing

With Vertica in place, we’ve the ability to build a comprehensive understanding of each individual runner or cyclist and how they progress over time. This capability gives us a considerable competitive edge.

  • - Janne Kallio, performance business digital leader, Suunto