With Vertica, the bank can identify anomalies more quickly, supporting more robust security and fraud detection processes

Objective: Drive additional value from data collected by Security Information & Event Management solution

Approach:  Implement big data analytics software to facilitate high-speed baselining and profiling of user behaviors

IT Matters:

  • Over 120 Gbytes gathered daily from 15,000 data sources
  • Queries performed on 2-4 billion data rows

Business Matters:

  • Report generation formerly lasted very long or may have failed; now generated in minutes without a single error for months
  • Baselines and profiles empower security team to quickly detect anomalies
  • Bank better protected against hackers, malware, fraud
  • With the integration of Hadoop, the corporate data lake can be built for future needs

Vertica implementation facilitated the generation of compliance and audit reports. Formerly, the supply of bulk reports was a time and human consuming job, whereas it takes minutes now.

  • - Erdem Alasehir, Consulting Security Designer, Finansbank