Telecommunications company Aircel connects with Vertica solution to gain competitive advantage

Objective: Create a data mart to harness information for marketplace advantage

Approach:  Test and implement a high performance, scalable, cost effective big data solution for reporting, decisions, predictions, and analytics.

IT Matters:

  • Allows the management of growing data volumes within budget
  • Provides faster data loading and querying performance than the company’s previous solution with improved backup, scalability, and operational ease
  • Achieves reporting, backup, and ad hoc querying within existing runtimes

Business Matters:

  • Advances the company’s goal of providing in-time information for decisions and predictions that aid business growth across the country
  • Reduces the company’s total cost of ownership for managing 10 – 15% annual data growth
  • Supports a large customer base in a competitive market by enabling the creation of a data mart for analyzing up to 200 GBs of summarized data daily

We chose Vertica as our solution of choice for the short term and for the longer term as we scale. We count on this big data platform to help us innovate and solve business problems.

  • - Sanjeev Chaudhary, Business Intelligence Head, Aircel Limited