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Using AWS Cloud Formation Templates

Using AWS Cloud Formation Templates from Vicki Lindem on Vimeo.

Watch this video to see how you can apply Amazon Web Services Cloud Formation templates to quickly create your HP Vertica database cluster in Amazon Web Services using the Vertica AMI.

Download the template used in this video here.

Is Big Data Giving You Grief? Part 5: Acceptance

“We can do this”

Over the last month or so, this series has discussed how organizations often deal with a missed big data opportunity in ways that closely resemble the grieving process, and how that process maps to the commonly understood five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. This is the last entry in the series; it focuses on how an organization can move forward effectively with a big data project.

While big data is big, complicated, fast, and so forth, it is also very vague to most businesses. I was at an event recently where a poll question was asked of a room full of technology professionals – “How important is big data to your business?” Read More »

BDC 2014 – Day 3

Yesterday was the culmination of the HP Vertica BDC 2014. In the morning we had an excellent open question session hosted by the members of Sillicon Angle’s The Cube followed by the usual engaging break out sessions.

The Developers Lounge was especially packed today with people eager to discuss their Big Data thoughts and questions with our team. There really is something great about being able to sit down with lunch and a beer and talk face to face with customers and developers alike from all across the globe. That of course is what this whole conference is about! Bringing people together in real time, with real talk, and real answers.

IMG_7770Read More »

BDC 2014 – Day 2


Well, day 2 of the HP Vertica Big Data Conference is over and we’re on to day 3! Yesterday was absolutely incredible, with two fantastic keynotes and a fervor of HP Vertica conversation happening down the hall in the developer zone. To Kick the day off, our developer zone opened bright and early with breakfast at 7AM ready to showcase the new and exciting features of the HP Vertica analytics platform.

Next up, we had our first Keynote with an opening video speech from our CEO Meg Whitman, followed by a great talk from our GM Colin Mahony. Next, an epic return of Tariq, the human analytical genius, rubix cube master, Read More »

Welcome to the HP Vertica 2014 BDC!


Well all, it’s finally here. we’ve come a long way in the past months planning and preparing for this week, and we’re already off to a great start! Yesterday we kicked off the BDC with the Hackathon with datasets provided by Conservation international. Below are the names of the winning teams:


Team 6

Tomáš Jirotka Pavel Burdanov Nikolay Golov SECOND

Team 8

Phil Ivers Talal Assir Zach Taylor Pedro Pedreira THIRD

Team 4

Norbert Krupa Karel Jakubec Durga Nemani Jun Yin

Next up we had a session of ASE testing and were delighted to find that all 9 of our participants passed the first round! In addition, our Best Read More »

HP Vertica named “Best Columnar Database”


“Like the emerging category of in in-memory database technologies, columnar databases are deployed in market segments where speed of data analysis is paramount…”

On August 4th, we were pleased and excited to learn that the HP Vertica Analytics Platform was crowned the winner in this years Database Trends and Aplications readers choice awards for “Best Columnar database.” Here at HP we work tirelessly around the clock to deliver you the fastest, most cutting edge Big Data Platform in the world. This is yet another recognition of our hard work and dedication, and for that we thank you! You can read the whole story here.

We hope Read More »

Big Data Analytics: Blurring the Line Between Brick-&-Mortar and E-Retail Experience


As an online retailer, there are many challenges to face. You don’t have a physical outlet for customers to browse and see what they like, nor do you have a floor manager to recommend certain products or answer questions your customers might have. However e-retailers make up for that by enabling customers to look through an entire stores inventory before making a purchase, see suggestions made by the website based on their past browsing history, and in many cases are just a few clicks away from an online customer service rep. But how can e-retailers become just as personal, if not more so, than their brick-and-mortar counterparts? The answer for more Read More »

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