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I Love DIY Projects

I love DIY projects. I love watching the YouTube videos, scouring the web for advice from others, and learning new skills. The innovation and creativity that’s out there is amazing! Plus, DIY projects save money, sometimes a lot of money! This past month, we decided to build our own stone patio in the backyard … how hard could that be? Turns out, lifting 5000+ pounds of rock and stone combined with the challenges of grade and water management is a lot harder than it looks!

patch of dirt

Somehow, this experience led me to think about Open Source Software. Quite a leap, isn’t it? But think about it … the innovation and excitement that comes from thousands of smart people working together to create new software is pretty cool. It saves money (well, let’s talk about that later) and it exposes an organization to new thinking in a new era of technology.

Then comes the hard part. First, implementations of Open Source Software like Hadoop do take more expertise than might have been expected. So it really makes sense to engage with a professional Hadoop distribution partner. So free isn’t really free anymore. Then the commercial grade discussion comes into play. Is there enough security and manageability built into the current Hadoop distributions to meet the constantly rising bar in today’s world? I don’t want my company’s logo in the next Big Data breach article. Finally, the underlying infrastructure (kind of like the piping, drainage gravel and paver base that now must be added to my patio project!) starts to expand in ways that might not have been expected.
But does this mean that Open Source projects are a bad idea? Absolutely not! I will never give up the satisfaction (and cost savings!) of DIY projects. But the key is to make the right choices and partner with the right people. HP Software Big Data has a passion for innovation and we love the excitement of the Open Source community; that’s why we were so excited to contribute our recent Distributed R release to Open Source. We want our customers to find value in their Hadoop implementations so we bring the strongest and most sophisticated SQL on Hadoop offering to the market with a set of rich analytics that can really uncover the insights in data stored in Hadoop. After all, as Mike Stonebraker, the founder of HP Vertica and winner of the Turing Award (really the Nobel Prize of Computer Science!) recently said in an interview with Barron’s, “It started out, NoSQL meant, ‘Not SQL,’ then it became ‘Not only SQL,’ and now I think it means “Not-yet-SQL.” That’s why we at HP are so determined to “speak the language” that our developer and customer community knows and needs. And perhaps most importantly, we continue to develop open APIs and SDKs for our Haven Big Data Platform because we know that the brilliant and passionate developer community (think DIY for analytics!) needs the right tools for their jobs.

HP Software Big Data believes in DIY. We’re a hands on group with the advantage of structured QA processes, the expertise from more than a decade of analytics purpose built for Big Data, and the ability to bring data scientists and data migration specialists to any enterprise DIY project through our Enterprise Services Analytics & Data Management practice. Got a DIY project in mind? We’re in!

New Release of “DbVisualizer Free for Vertica” Now Available via the HP Haven Marketplace

Version of DbVisualizer Free for Vertica is now available!

Expanding on features normally reserved for the Pro version, DbVis has added the “Connection Keep Alive” feature to DbVisualizer Free for Vertica. The Connection Keep Alive feature issues a simple database “ping” to the database server at a specified interval preventing time-outs and lost connections as a result of being idle in DbVisualizer.

In addition to supporting Vertica Flex Tables, UDFs, and projections, other new features available in version include “Editor Templates” that can be used to easily insert text that you often use in SQL statements, and ”Master Password” that improve the encryption of all your saved passwords.

Version also includes some bug fixes.

To experience Read More »

Whose Side Are You On? Using HP Vertica Pulse with College Basketball

Want to know what people across the nation are saying about your college basketball team? Want to know when and where those opinions change? You can do this and more with HP Vertica Pulse.

Visit our new blog to see how HP data scientist Manolo Garcia-Solaco used HP Vertica Pulse to analyze the sentiment of tweets when the Wisconsin Badgers faced the Duke Blue Devils in the finals of the NCAA basketball championship.

The HP Vertica Community has Moved!

Visit our new community site:

The HP Vertica online community now has a new home. We’ve joined the Big Data and Analytics Community, part of the HP Developer Community, located at

Why are we doing this?

We’ve joined the new community so that you’ll have a centralized place to go for all your big data questions and answers. Using the Big Data and Analytics Community, you can:

Connect with customers across all our Big Data offerings, including HP Vertica Enterprise and Community Editions, HP Vertica OnDemand, HP IDOL , and HP IDOL OnDemand. Learn more about HP Haven, the HP Big Data Platform that allows you to harness 100% of your data, including business, machine, and Read More »

The Top Five Reasons SQL-on-Hadoop Keeps CIOs Awake at Night

The Elephant and the engineer

Being a part of HP is really an amazing thing – it gives us access to amazing technologies and very bright, hard-working people. But the best part is talking with our customers.

One topic on the mind of many technology leaders today is the “elephant in the room” – Hadoop. From its humble beginnings as a low-cost implementation of mass storage and the Map/Reduce programming framework, it’s become something of a movement. Businesses from Manhattan to Mumbai are quickly discovering that it provides favorable economics for one very specific use case – it provides a very low cost way to store data of uncertain value. This use Read More »

Better Together

Assembling puzzles

Just like peanut butter and chocolate, the mix of several flavors of data is much more interesting and useful than just one. At HP we classify types of data into three categories:

Human Data

Human data is stuff created by people as opposed to machines, like social media posts, videos, audio, emails, spreadsheets, blogs, and Wikipedia. This data is hard to analyze, as it is written in natural language and does not conform to a particular structure, and lives in places that are not particularly easy to access Because human data lacks traditional structure, we can’t just pull it straight into an data warehouse (nor should we Read More »

Index Data into Your HP Vertica Database with the New IDOL CFS Vertica Module

HP is pleased to announce the new IDOL CFS Vertica Module. The CFS Vertica module allows the HP Connector Framework Server (CFS) to index into an HP Vertica database.

The new indexing capability makes real integration between HP IDOL and HP Vertica possible, allowing you to use Vertica to perform analytics on data that has been indexed by IDOL. The CFS Vertica Module is compatible only with IDOL 10.9 and later and version 7.1.x and later of the Vertica server. In this blog, we’ll give you a high-level overview of how the new integration works by walking you through a simple example, described below.

Scenario: Your organization has a large repository of documents, written by many different authors. You want Read More »

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