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Connecting HP Vertica 7.x to Tableau Desktop 8.2

Connecting HP Vertica to Tableau Desktop from Vertica Systems on Vimeo.
Have you ever wanted to visualize your HP Vertica Analytics Platform with graphs, tables, maps, or other formats? The Tableau Desktop by Tableau Software visualization tool lets you do just that in a couple steps. Use the Tableau Desktop HP Vertica specific ODBC driver connector to access your data from HP Vertica and create different views for visual analysis. Watch this video to learn how to connect HP Vertica to Tableau Desktop using both the HP Vertica specific ODBC driver connector and the generic connector.

Optimizing for Merge Join

In an earlier post, join operations were introduced followed by hash join operations. The other operator, merge join, may sometimes be needed in situations when a spill to disk occurs. In these situations, resources are being wasted. One approach may be optimizing for merge join. In this post, a query was optimized and tested for merge join using subqueries and specific projections.

What’s New in Dragline (7.1.0): Resource Pool Routing

Resource Pool Routing from Vertica Systems on Vimeo.

HP Vertica 7.1.x introduces new features that allow you to dynamically reroute queries to secondary resource pools.

Use the new CASCADE TO parameter when creating or altering a resource pool to indicate a secondary resource pool to which queries can cascade and execute when they exceed the RUNTIMECAP of the pool on which they started running. This way, if a query exceeds its initial pool’s RUNTIMECAP, it can cascade to a designated secondary pool with a larger RUNTIMECAP instead of causing an error.

Because grant privileges are not considered on secondary pools, you can use this functionality to designate secondary resource pools where user queries can Read More »

What’s New in Dragline (7.1.0): Active Standby Nodes

Active Standby Nodes Video

Active Standby Nodes from Vertica Systems on Vimeo.

HP Vertica 7.1.x introduces active standby nodes.

An active standby node is a type of HP Vertica node that does not perform computations or contain data, but exists as a backup, ready to replace a node that’s failed. When the active standby node replaces the failed node, the active standby node performs all the calculations of the failed node.

As an example, imagine your database cluster as a team of basketball stars, working together to play a game. Normally, things go pretty smoothly. But what if one of your players gets injured? In basketball, it is likely that another team member, Read More »

What’s New in Dragline (7.1.0): Projections with Expressions

Projections with Expressions Video

Projections with Expressions from Vertica Systems on Vimeo.

HP Vertica 7.1 introduces the ability to use expressions with projections.

When you create a projection, you now have the option to use an expression as a column definition. For example, you can declare a column that sums two variables. When you load data into a projection with expressions, HP Vertica automatically calculates the values according to the expressions and inserts the data into that new projection. Once you create a projection with expressions, you can query the projection directly to access your pre-calculated data and eliminate resource-intensive computations at query time.

Watch this video to learn more about Read More »

MySQL Ate My Homework: Five Reasons You Should Always Use a Subpar Data Platform

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