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Sruthi Anumula

Sruthi Anumula

Senior Database Support Engineer

A senior database support Engineer at Vertica for more than 8 years with an in-depth knowledge of the Vertica database and its integrations. I love helping customers resolve any issues related to the database and help in performance tuning of their queries. I’m always learning about new technologies and currently my focus is on Machine Learning, Containerization, and Prometheus.

Load Balancing on Elastic Kubernetes Clusters

Your long-running sessions could fail after you deployed Vertica on Elastic Kubernetes Cluster (EKS) with Load Balancer as the service type. When the load balancer type is not specified in yaml, by default, EKS generates a classic load balancer with a default connection idle timeout of 60 seconds. The aws-load-balancer-connection-idle-timeout can be set up to...
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Restrict Modifying Table Rows (UPDATE/DELETE) Irrespective of User Privileges

Do you have a table with critical information such as SIEM events or credit card transactions? Do you want to be able to block user access to UPDATE/DELETE rows in those tables? From version 12.0.0, you can do this by setting the tables as IMMUTABLE. This means you can only insert data and not modify...
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High Availability for a Vertica in Eon Mode Database with Read-Only Mode

When Vertica is deployed in Eon Mode, there are two major requirements for high availability: maintaining quorum and shard coverage. If either of them is lost, the whole cluster goes down. Before going into details, let us understand what quorum and shard coverage mean. Quorum: In Eon Mode, more than half of the primary nodes...

How to Quickly Install Vertica on Large Clusters

Vertica 12.0.2 introduces a new feature that allows you to install Vertica in parallel on all hosts rather than one at a time as in earlier releases. This reduces the installation time in large clusters. To use this feature, run the --parallel-no-prompts flag with the install_vertica command. This flag can be used only when passwordless...