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With over a decade of technical writing experience, I currently author and maintain the Knowledge Base for Big Data Partner Engineering. I have experience authoring software documentation both offline and online including knowledge of various aspects of information development such as web content, blog posts, UI design, and work processes. My main focus is user-centered documentation and I strongly believe in 'right information at the right place'.

Announcing Vertica Integration with DbSchema

DbSchema is an intuitive GUI database designer to design, document, and manage complex databases. It provides interactive schema layouts to visually edit the schema without any SQL queries, view data from multiple tables, synchronize the schema over multiple databases, and generate random data. We are pleased to announce this integration to enable users to quickly...

Vertica and Attunity Replicate Change Data Capture

Attunity Replicate is a software solution that loads data from multiple sources and accelerates data integration for analytics, replication, streaming, and synchronizing, on-premises and in the cloud. Attunity Replicate and Vertica integration exists for Vertica as a Target. This integration enables moving large volumes of data from multiple sources into the Vertica database. It leverages...

Tips and Techniques for Vertica Integration with Denodo

Denodo is a data federation tool that integrates data from various data sources including enterprise, big data, cloud, and real-time data services. It enables you to quickly and easily access data through reports, dashboards, mobile, and web applications for analytical and operational use cases. Denodo already has an integration with Vertica. It leverages Vertica’s query...
Vertica plus RapidMiner

Announcing Vertica Integration With RapidMiner Studio Connection Guide

RapidMiner Studio is a visual integrated environment that enables data preparation, data mining, machine learning, building predictive models and business analysis. It’s an easy plug and play tool to design and execute analytical workflows. We are pleased to announce the release of a connection guide which will help users to quickly get Vertica and RapidMiner...