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Vertica Version 12

Announcing Vertica Version 12

Vertica is pleased to announce version 12 of our unified analytics platform. Since the introduction of Vertica version 11 around June last year, several releases have gone out. Our release cycle has become more continuous, and the Vertica engineering team packs a lot of capabilities into every release. What this means is that a LOT...

Vertica Accelerator – Ease of Use Plus Control

In case you missed it, Vertica recently released Vertica Accelerator, our unified analytics platform delivered as a service. There are two main questions that people ask when hearing about this announcement. The first is: does it have all the same features Vertica has, or is it a scaled-down version in some way? The answer to...

Announcing Vertica Version 11

Vertica Unified Analytics Platform version 11 delivers GA support for Docker containers and Kubernetes, advanced machine learning and time series capabilities, and increased analytical performance.

Vertica 11 announced at Unify 2021: Delivering on vision of Unified Analytics

Introduced by Joy King, Vertica’s VP of Product & GTM Strategy, Colin Mahony, SVP and General Manager of Vertica, kicked off today’s Vertica Unify 2021 by explaining Vertica’s founding philosophy and sharing “some of the advancements we’ve made most recently, as well as the direction we’re going in future.” That included the announcement of Vertica...
Quick Tip - blue button

Quick Tip: MC Adds a New Feedback Button

Do you love Vertica and want to let us know, or want to provide some constructive criticism? Well, now you can easily do that. Starting in Vertica 10.1.x, Management Console added a new Feedback Button which lets you submit a star rating and free-text comments to Vertica. The button displays vertically at the bottom-right of...

Vertica-as-a-Service: Advanced analytics just got a little easier

Anytime business software can provide greater ease-of-use, it leads to better business outcomes at a faster pace. What could be better than that? How about analytics-as-a-service, built on a cloud-native architecture running in your AWS account, and leveraging your own negotiated pricing and committed spend? Add the full suite of advanced analytics, in-database machine learning,...

Kubernetes StatefulSets Makes Containerization of Vertica a Piece of Cake

Containerization is an idea that seems tasty and wonderful at first. Automated deployment on any platform is a particularly enticing advantage, especially for Vertica, a database with infrastructure freedom as a core principle. Fast deployment without human intervention makes containers incredibly useful, especially in environments that require dynamic scaling. And containers are small, quick to...

Vertica 10.1.1 Goes Beyond Analytics with Support for Azure Cloud, Kubernetes, and Containers

With each release of Vertica, you can always count on major enhancements and features to help you address each step of the predictive analytics process with even more analytical functions and end-to-end machine learning capabilities. While Vertica 10.1.1 includes support for the latest version of PMML, 4.4, some useful new analytical functions, and a new...

New Version 0.5 of VerticaPy

Last week, the VerticaPy team released a new version v0.5.0 focused on hyperparameter tuning, time series analysis and model explainability.
Rocket to Moon with Vertica version 10.1

Vertica 10.1 Rockets Data Analytics to the Next Level

As of February 1, 2021, the new version of Vertica rockets analytical database technology to the next level. Vertica 10.1 continues to show our commitment to broad, powerful in-database machine learning by including our most requested algorithm – XGBoost. Management Console makes administering Vertica in the cloud even easier. Support for complex data types in...
Vertica wishes you a Happy Holidays

New VerticaPy Features Added – Just in Time for the Holidays

The team behind VerticaPy wishes you happy holidays and a happy new year from Boston, and from Grenoble in the French Alps! Make 2021 your year to operationalize Machine Learning at Scale with Vertica and Python.    VerticaPy is a Python library that exposes scikit-like functionality for conducting data science projects in your Vertica database....
Vertica + Scality

Vertica in Eon Mode Now Supports Scality for Even Greater Choice

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Vertica in Eon Mode for Scality RING S3 object storage on the HPE Apollo 4000 platform