Announcing Vertica Eon 9.x Essentials Course

We have just released a new instructor-led course: Vertica Eon 9.x Essentials Course code: VT120EON This course provides live instructions on Vertica Eon v9.3, accompanied by comprehensive hands-on labs. Running on a public cloud platform, Vertica Eon Essentials allows users to directly connect with the Vertica Eon database and the Management Console to interact with...
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Complex Data Types in SQL 1 – What Are They?

Co-authored by James Clampffer, Deepak Majeti. A lot of projects require querying ORC or Parquet files, or other data that may have internal types that are a bit more complex than usual. We support some of those complex types now, and are dedicated to adding full support for all complex types in Vertica. It’s a...

Intern Experience: Documentation at Vertica

My name is . I am currently a rising senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, pursuing a dual degree in English and Psychology, as well as an IT minor. I also hold a certificate in Professional Writing and Technical Communication. I am grateful to have been a part of that program, as I came...

Intern Spotlight: UX Design and the Vertica Forum Relaunch

My name is and I am a rising senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, studying English with concentrations in and Digital Humanities. I have a deep interest in User Experience Design (UXD) and I am passionate about creating innovative web content. This past summer, I joined the Information Development team to redesign the using...
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Make a Cow Display Query Results in VSQL

I used to have fun with the amusing old Linux command Cowsay. It inserts any input into a word bubble and draws an ASCII cow to talk to you. You can make the cow display your query results in VSQL! Helpful Links: Have fun!

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Stop a Stubborn Query that Won’t Cancel

Sometimes a running SQL statement hangs and cannot be stopped using the CLOSE_SESSION or INTERRUPT_STATEMENT function. To stop it, first grab the culprit’s SESSION_ID, TRANSACTION_ID, and STATEMENT_ID from the QUERY_REQUESTS system table, then you can move it to a resource pool that has no resources! After the move and subsequent re-plan, the query will “usually”...
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Change Your User Password in VSQL with a Meta-Command

The \password VSQL meta-command can be used to change your database user’s password! The admin user can change the database password for any user: Helpful Link: Have fun!
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Strong Winds of Change at Chief Data & Analytics Officers Event

Last week, Vertica sponsored the . As a first-time sponsor, we were cautiously optimistic that we could meet with data and analytics leaders that were, according to event organizer IQPC, “…on the forefront of capitalizing on data and analytics in the enterprise as the volume, availability, and complexity of data continues to increase and evolve.”...

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View the History of Connection Load Balance Operations

The Data Collector table DC_LOAD_BALANCE_OPERATIONS tracks the history of connection load balance operations. Helpful Links: Have fun!
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Load Balance Older Clients (That You Can’t Upgrade for Some Weird Reason)

Native connection load balancing is a feature built into the Vertica Analytic Database server and client libraries as well as . To load balance vsql you can use the - -enable-connection-load-balance or -C command line options. In really old versions of vsql those options did not exist. How do you load balance connections from those...
Hand holding old-fashioned brass balance scale on a black background

Testing the Native Load Balancer

Native connection load balancing is a feature built into the Vertica Analytic Database server and client libraries as well as . The RUN_LOAD_BALANCE_POLICY function returns a string formatted as address:port that results from running the current Native Load Balancer policy. It’s a great tool for testing after enabling a new Load Balance Policy! Because the...
Disk usage, traffic, and other usage concerns

Diving into Disk Usage

Would you like to know how much disk space Vertica is using as it runs? This could be useful for capacity planning, monitoring trends, or debugging. Here are some ways to follow disk usage trends and also look at temporary events like Tuple Mover and Join Spills: Helpful Link: Have fun!
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Find and Fix Issues from Vertica Query Events

Vertica offers tools like the Workload Analyzer in Management Console (MC) to tune up a Vertica Cluster, but there's a simple way to find and fix issues that Vertica observes and records if you aren't using MC. The query_events table captures optimization issues and suggests fixes. Let's take a look at my demo cluster, checking...
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Evaluating Classifier Models in Vertica

Co-authored by Elizabeth Michaud Vertica provides an out-of-the box machine learning toolset that covers a complete data science workflow. The toolset includes several distributed functions for evaluating both classifier and regressor machine learning models. The goal of this blog post is to demonstrate how you can use the built-in functions for evaluating the prediction performance...