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Vertica System Engineer

With more than twenty years of experience, in technical consulting, teaching, project management and IT management,
today as part of the EMEA SE team I’m happy to work with Vertica as the best product, in a great company, thanks to the unique people here.

Visual Storytelling

VSQL, Visual Storytelling through Query Language

This tip expands on my earlier post: “Pure Vertica SQL Graph Flavors” Visual story telling has not just the ability to capture attention, it make things simple to understand. Consider the following to boost your query result set readability. What is the visual correlation between CPU utilization and Canary Queries elapsed time?      ...
Visual Storytelling with SQL

Pure Vertica SQL Graph Flavors

The art and science of the best sales conversation is “Visual story telling”. This document shows how Vertica VSQL alone can visualize query results in color and graphics. The idea presented is to provide dynamic visuals, based only on Vertica VSQL built-in capabilities. All the graph examples below were drawn without Bash, Java, Python or...

Use MERGE to Update 1 Million Rows in 2 Seconds

This blog post was co-authored by Yassine Faihe, Michael Flower, and Moshe Goldberg. Updating One Million Records in Two Seconds To illustrate the true power of MERGE, this article describes how we used MERGE to demonstrate Vertica's performance at scale. SQL MERGE statements combine INSERT and UPDATE operations. They are a great way to update...