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Marco Gessner

Field Chief Technologist

A Data Warehousing and BI Professional in virtually all disciplines of the scene:
Data Quality; (Master) Data Management; ETL - manually and with tools like Informatica and DataStage and Ab->Initio; Conceptual and physical design; Data Warehouse Architecture; Data Warehouse / BI Project Management; BI deployment with tools like Cognos or Oracle BI or MicroStrategy.

My Objectives? Having fun being supported by peers and supporting peers in a professional environment that you either run away from screaming or you get hooked to for life. The more difficult and challenging the job, the more thrill and fun. I fell in love with Vertica some 12 years ago, when HP bought Vertica, in 2010 / 2011, and I have been working with and for Vertica ever since.

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How to Group Timeseries Data at Any Granularity

You might have come across this. You would have obtained a huge set of time stamped log data or sensor data that you would like to understand. Millions of rows are nothing for human consumption - and far too much for plotting on a monitor that just has a few thousand pixels across - why...

How To Filter a Behavioral Pattern in a Time Series

Behavioral patterns in time series are something that many analysts are keen to find in time series. A clickstream analyst wants to find the series of clicks that happened between coming to the website, browsing one or more articles in the web site, and finally filling the basket and checking out; a financial analyst wants...