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Exploring VerticaPyLab: A Quick Start to ML, Data Analytics, and Vertica

Authored by Badr Ouali and Umar Farooq Ghumman Welcome to VerticaPyLab, a transformative solution that paves the way for effortless Machine Learning and Data Analytics. If the world of Python's ML libraries has intrigued you but appeared complex to navigate, VerticaPyLab is here to redefine your journey. It is designed to make ML accessible and...
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Updated – Unlock the Potential of Your Data in Vertica with dbt: Experience ETL-Free Data Transformation

Co-authored with Oussama Chakri. Update - The upgraded dbt-vertica adapter is now available! It supports dbt-core version 1.5.0 with Vertica 23.3. We added new features, and the adapter works well with the latest Vertica version. Check it out! Discover the all-new open-source dbt-Vertica adapter, offering cutting-edge features that will transform your data analytics journey. By...
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Monitoring Metrics Using Vertica Prometheus and Vertica Grafana DataSource Plugins

Announcing an end-to-end solution to monitor your Vertica metrics! This solution provides a detailed overview of the open-source Grafana Data Source Plugin and Vertica Prometheus Exporter. It explains how you can use these plugins individually to track your metrics in Grafana or use them together based on your requirement. This solution covers • Grafana Data...

OpenText Welcomes Micro Focus Customers, Partners, and Employees

OpenText CEO and CTO Mark Barrenechea blogs on how the Micro Focus acquisition expands OpenText's mission to help enterprise professionals secure their operations, gain more insight into their information, and better manage an increasingly hybrid and complex digital fabric. Read his article here.
SQL Query Optimization

Improving COUNT DISTINCT Performance with Approximate Functions

A common analytic use case is to find the number of distinct items in a data set. Vertica performs well at solving COUNT DISTINCT in a few ways. Since Vertica stores all data in columns, it is possible to optimize for COUNT DISTINCT by building a projection that is tuned for this use case. Vertica...

What’s needed for a happy software dev team in data analytics?

For an organization to excel at data analytics, the IT team needs to coordinate a number of different disciplines and personnel with experience in those disciplines. This usually includes data analysts, data engineers, and, increasingly, data scientists. The data engineering discipline is sometimes thought of as the plumbing that, like pipes in a house, delivers...

Vertica for Time Series Analytics and IoT

When you want to make a prediction – stocking levels for items in your store, predicting energy usage so supply is ready, or being proactive about equipment failures – those predictions often rely on time-series data, a series of data points measuring the same signal or process through time. By analyzing that data, companies can...

Cloud Without Compromises

Most organizations are spinning up new analytical workloads and the big industry pundits all say they should move them to the cloud. Whether your workload requirement is for business intelligence, machine learning, or both, the cloud is the place to do it. But a lot of analytical databases on the cloud are giant black boxes....

New O’Reilly Book: Accelerate Machine Learning with a Unified Analytics Architecture

Every company I’ve ever encountered needs business intelligence (BI). Increasingly, in multiple industries, more and more also need machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI) to stay competitive or gain an edge. Eventually, it should be as easy for an organization to put an ML model to work as it is to put a new...

Embed analytics in applications to transform your technology business

At AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, I’ve had several conversations with developers who’ve stopped by the booth. One of the questions I’ve asked them all is, “Are you embedding analytics into your application?”

Don’t take your foot off the electrons

With blazingly fast query performance, and access to 700 in-database functions, Vertica has meant that Jaguar Race Engineers and Strategists have been able to glean important insights into the data and make critical performance adjustments to the powertrain, suspension, steering, braking and power management that were just not possible prior to the introduction of Vertica.

It’s Time to Start Adding Intelligence to the Business of Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services executives need to convert the embarrassingly rich amount of data at their disposal into real time insights, for improving the customer experience and maximizing operational efficacy. Yet many business analysts and data scientists in financial services struggle with data silos, outdated infrastructure, and operationalizing artificial intelligence and machine learning. Join Jerry...