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In over two decades in the data management industry, I have worked as an engineer, a trainer, a marketer, a product manager, and a consultant. Contributor to O'Reilly's 97 Things Every Data Engineer Should Know. Now, I promote understanding of Vertica, MPP data processing, open source, high scale data engineering, and how the analytics revolution is changing the world.

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OpenText Vertica 23.3

OpenText Vertica 23.3 – the Smarter Data Lakehouse

The latest release of the Vertica analytical database, now OpenTextTM VerticaTM  includes a lot of features that Vertica customers have been eagerly awaiting like: Resharding the database as needed Rollback snapshots that capture a moment in time without a whole other data copy Workload routing so you can automate directing specific queries to just the right...

New O’Reilly Book: Accelerate Machine Learning with a Unified Analytics Architecture

Every company I’ve ever encountered needs business intelligence (BI). Increasingly, in multiple industries, more and more also need machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI) to stay competitive or gain an edge. Eventually, it should be as easy for an organization to put an ML model to work as it is to put a new...

Vertica Accelerator – Ease of Use Plus Control

In case you missed it, Vertica recently released Vertica Accelerator, our unified analytics platform delivered as a service. There are two main questions that people ask when hearing about this announcement. The first is: does it have all the same features Vertica has, or is it a scaled-down version in some way? The answer to...

Announcing Vertica Version 11

Vertica Unified Analytics Platform version 11 delivers GA support for Docker containers and Kubernetes, advanced machine learning and time series capabilities, and increased analytical performance.

Kubernetes StatefulSets Makes Containerization of Vertica a Piece of Cake

Containerization is an idea that seems tasty and wonderful at first. Automated deployment on any platform is a particularly enticing advantage, especially for Vertica, a database with infrastructure freedom as a core principle. Fast deployment without human intervention makes containers incredibly useful, especially in environments that require dynamic scaling. And containers are small, quick to...
NLP augmented analytics is like Ask Me Anything with your data

Natural Language Processing Augmented Analytics

By simplifying the asking of questions and understanding of answers, NLP augmented analytics broadens the number of people who can use analytic technology
Rocket to Moon with Vertica version 10.1

Vertica 10.1 Rockets Data Analytics to the Next Level

As of February 1, 2021, the new version of Vertica rockets analytical database technology to the next level. Vertica 10.1 continues to show our commitment to broad, powerful in-database machine learning by including our most requested algorithm – XGBoost. Management Console makes administering Vertica in the cloud even easier. Support for complex data types in...

DX Radio Episode 3: Climate Corporation and Digital Agriculture

I have the honor of hosting the latest episode of DX Radio. It features The Climate Corporation’s Daniel McCaffrey, Vice president of Data and Analytics, and Erich Hochmuth, Big Data Architect Engineer, as they explore the digital transformation of farming.
Return on Investment ROI

What’s the Deal with Vertica TCO?

Recently, a colleague of mine was trying to express why Vertica had such a low total cost of ownership (TCO). It’s not obvious. Our customers rave about the fast return on investment. We have a half dozen excellent case studies from third-parties showing Vertica’s ROI. But why? Open source options are free. Vertica isn’t free....
Heavy rocket blasting above the clouds

Vertica Version 10 Launches Today!

There’s big news today, on the first day of the Virtual Vertica Big Data Conference 2020 – a major new version of Vertica blasts off! Vertica version 10 soars straight into the greatest deployment flexibility of any analytical data warehouse on the market. This fast and extremely scalable platform gives you more power than ever...
Happy engineer with wide arms and graphs floating above him

Vertica Engineers Go Deep at Vertica BDC – Last Chance to Register!

I have had the privilege over the last few weeks to work with the Vertica engineering team as they developed, practiced and polished their presentations for the virtual Vertica Big Data Conference. Years back, I was an engineer, and spent the vast majority of my days alone in an office writing, compiling and testing code....
Planets in solar system

The Kafka Convergence

Apache Kafka seems to be everywhere these days. I’m feeling a bit surrounded by Kafka right now, in fact, like I’m at the center of a convergence of the planets, and data flowing through Kafka is the gravitational pull. Let me give you an idea of what I mean. So, Vertica just announced the release...