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Announcing Vertica Version 11

Vertica Unified Analytics Platform version 11 delivers GA support for Docker containers and Kubernetes, advanced machine learning and time series capabilities, and increased analytical performance.

Connecting Vertica and SAS Visual Analytics

We just added to our integration with another product in the SAS Suite. We are happy to announce the integration of Vertica with SAS Visual Analytics! SAS Visual Analytics is a visualization and reporting tool that enables you to make smart data-driven decisions. The dashboards are interactive, and you can discover and visualize data relationships....

Vertica and Grafana – A New Partnership

You asked and we heard you big time!!! We are very excited to announce our official partnership with Grafana  and the launch of the signed Vertica Grafana Plugin. Grafana is an open-source analytics tool that enables you to visualize and query data in real-time. Its informative dashboards allow you to view data from different sources....

Announcing Vertica Integration with Workato

We are very excited for our latest integration with Workato! Workato is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that intelligently integrates applications and automates workflows. Workato uses a recipe which is its user-friendly interface to connect multiple applications and automate complex business workflows. Each recipe starts with a trigger that initializes the integration and...

Announcing Vertica Integration with Querybook

We are pleased to announce the integration of Vertica with Querybook. Querybook is an open-source IDE developed by Pinterest that allows you to query data, create analyses, and share your queries. Querybook also features a simple notebook interface that lets companies configure query engines, table metadata ingestion, and access permissions. It allows them to create...

The Climate Corporation awarded for outstanding AI/ML: We’re all winners with sustainable agriculture

The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Bayer, aims to help all the world’s farmers sustainably increase their productivity with digital tools. The Climate FieldView™ platform provides farmers with a comprehensive, connected suite of digital tools aimed at mitigating risk and optimizing farm productivity. As Vertica’s customer references manager, I gather stories around what our users...

Partners Showcase Solutions at Vertica Unify ’21

Registrations for Vertica Unify ’21 are rapidly climbing as we anticipate thousands of data experts to convene for the analytics event of the year. Vertica customers have long adopted a "best tool for the job" approach – and that goes beyond choosing Vertica to accelerate analytics and machine learning at scale. Success often requires our...

Aptus Data Labs Partnership with Vertica Provides Unified Data Lake Solutions

Big data analytics is driving the revolution in artificial intelligence (AI). Today’s AI applications are evolving faster than ever, transforming the way customers and enterprises do business and add value. According to IDC (2020), “software is the largest AI technology group delivering roughly 80% of all AI revenue. Most of the software revenue comes from...
NLP augmented analytics is like Ask Me Anything with your data

Natural Language Processing Augmented Analytics

By simplifying the asking of questions and understanding of answers, NLP augmented analytics broadens the number of people who can use analytic technology
Rocket to Moon with Vertica version 10.1

Vertica 10.1 Rockets Data Analytics to the Next Level

As of February 1, 2021, the new version of Vertica rockets analytical database technology to the next level. Vertica 10.1 continues to show our commitment to broad, powerful in-database machine learning by including our most requested algorithm – XGBoost. Management Console makes administering Vertica in the cloud even easier. Support for complex data types in...

Vertica Supports AMD EPYC

The momentum of chip-maker AMD has been impressive as of late. AMD has gained some standing in home computing by putting high-performance, low wattage chips in thin laptops that can offer a well-performing gaming experience and long battery life. But that's not all. AMD is also putting development effort into data center server performance. AMD...
Vertica + Scality

Vertica in Eon Mode Now Supports Scality for Even Greater Choice

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Vertica in Eon Mode for Scality RING S3 object storage on the HPE Apollo 4000 platform