Updated – Unlock the Potential of Data Discovery in Vertica with DataHub: Master Metadata and Accelerate Data Access

Posted August 21, 2023 by Amrita Akshay, Information Developer

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Co-authored with Oussama Chakri.

Update – The upgraded DataHub-Vertica Plugin is now available! It is updated with Datahub You’ll see improved performance while getting metadata into DataHub. Check out the updated plugin!

Smoothen your data discovery and metadata management by integrating Vertica with DataHub using the new, certified DataHub-Vertica Plugin. This powerful combination will modernize your approach to metadata management, eliminating the need to search for the ideal dataset for your analysis.

DataHub is a comprehensive metadata platform designed for data discovery, governance, and end-to-end data lineage. With the new Vertica Connector, you can analyze Vertica metadata within DataHub and utilize its powerful features to make more informed business decisions.

As an effective data discovery solution, DataHub enables users to find the “right dataset” for their analysis, tackling common data-related challenges. By refining data cataloging and metadata management processes, DataHub removes the need to spend time searching for the appropriate dataset, ultimately boosting productivity and efficiency.

Key advantages of the DataHub-Vertica Plugin include:

  • Improved performance up to 90% while ingesting the data from Vertica.
  • Visualize the lineage between Vertica tables, projections, and views for transparent data relationships.
  • Centralize metadata analysis for all Vertica objects.
  • Access summarized metadata, which includes Cluster and EON Mode information, Table/Projection details, ML Models.
  • Ingestion is now made easy with the availability of a form to provide Vertica source details.

We are dedicated to continually improving the DataHub-Vertica Plugin and invite users to contribute to this open-source project via the GitHub page.

The DataHub page offers extensive information about the plugin, such as installation, features, configuration, and more!

To discover more about this game-changing solution, see
Guide-Enhancing Your Data Discovery Journey: Using DataHub Vertica Plugin

Unlock the power of data discovery in Vertica with DataHub and experience the simplicity of metadata management and streamlined data cataloging. Bid farewell to dataset chaos and welcome a new age of data clarity and intelligent decision-making!