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Include the ALTER and DROP Privileges in a GRANT ALL Statement

When you issue a GRANT ALL statement on a database object such as a table, the ALTER and DROP privileges are excluded. Staring in Vertica 9.2.1, you can include the ALTER and DROP privileges as part of a GRANT ALL statement by specifying the EXTEND clause. Helpful Link: Have fun!

Watch Out for Data Induced “Cross” Joins

I recently worked with a client who reported that a query in Vertica would not return data. That is, the query ran forever. The query was pretty simple, joining two 100 billion+ tables together. After some investigation, we realized that the query could potentially return trillions and trillions of records! Why? Because the join keys...

Add a Column to All of a Table’s Projections

Starting in Vertica 9.2.1, when you add a column to a table you can now tell Vertica to add that column to all of the table’s underlying projections. To do that, use the ALL PROJECTIONS clause of the ALTER TABLE … ADD COLUMN command. By default when you add a column to a table, Vertica...
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Announcing Vertica Version 9.2.1 – Take Analytics Efficiency to the Next Level

This week, some very cool things have gone into the newest version of the that make your analytics fly and save on your AWS budget. The theme for this release is Improving Vertica in Eon Mode Integration with Amazon S3, and there are a whole bunch of new features designed to do exactly that. But,...

Display the Vertica Process Memory Allocated

For common Vertica cluster configurations, there should be a single running Vertica process on each node. You can use the Linux ps command to determine the process ID of the Vertica process. Once you have the process ID, you can display the amount of memory that has been allocated to the Vertica process using the...

Display Database Statement Counts by Type

There are many types of statements that can be executed in Vertica. Examples include queries, DDL (Data Definition Language), and utility statements. To summarize all the types of statements being executed, you can query the QUERY_PROFILES system table. Example: I’d like to view a count of each statement type across my cluster since the first...

Truncating a Timestamp

The built-in Vertica function DATE_TRUNC truncates date and time values to the specified precision. The return value is the same data type as the input value. All fields that are less than the specified precision are set to 0, or to 1 for day and month. Example: So did the current Millennium begin on January...

Fun April Fool’s Day Trick Using Directed Queries

Directed Queries in Vertica encapsulate information that the optimizer can use to create a query plan. Directed queries can serve the following goals: Preserve current query plans before a scheduled upgrade. In most instances, queries perform more efficiently after a Vertica upgrade. In the few cases where this is not so, you can use directed...

Vertica Joins: A Refresher

As a Vertica user, you know that using joins can improve query performance by combining records from one or more tables. But sometimes, you need to develop complex joins. Vertica supports many different kinds of joins that perform different functions based on your needs.

What are Vertica Engineers Reading?

Ever wonder what Vertica engineers do when they aren?t busy building and perfecting an awesome product?

Using Big Data Analytical Tools for Predicting Potential Global Distribution of an Amphibian Pathogen

During the summer of 2015, I participated in an internship program with Vertica. Most interns assisted in software development, but my primary goal was to use Vertica, Vertica Place, and HP Distributed R to address an ecological problem

Vertica and Qlik Team Up to Hack for a Cause

On November 17 2014, Vertica took part in the annual Qlik Hackathon in Orlando, Florida. The hackathon, which took place the day before the Qlik World Conference, brought together engineers, developers, and Qlik experts from all over the world. The challenge was simple: leverage features from Qlik and its partners to create an application to...