The Vertica Big Data Conference Choice Challenge

Posted February 24, 2020 by Joy King, VP Product & GTM Strategy, Vertica

Decisions Decisions

Over the years, we’ve had remarkable feedback about the Vertica Big Data Conference. (#VerticaBDC)  How does it get better than this?  And just to be clear, we know the three people who said “no,” but that’s a story for another day.

BDC Survey

However, I cannot lie.  We have received consistent feedback about one problem that virtually all attendees face – how to choose between the sessions featuring Vertica customers telling their data disruptor stories, sessions led by the engineers who architected all the capabilities within Vertica, and best practices sessions that focus on how to get the most from every line of code.

I admit that this year will be no different.  With sessions like “Vertica @Uber Scale” and “Advanced Analytics and In-Database Machine Learning with Vertica” and “Measurable impact: How Taboola extends site visits with personalized UX,” I am afraid we’ll hear the same complaints … how do I attend all the sessions and not have to choose?

Good news – all Vertica Engineering-led sessions and Best Practices sessions will share their content immediately after the BDC, and many of our customer-led sessions will do the same.  And we’ll even run some sessions twice just to meet the demand and interest, and we’ll make sure to offer virtual webinars with the same speakers over the months ahead.

All things considered, I feel like this is a good problem to have.  So much value to be gained, so much knowledge to be shared, and so many discussions that can help everyone achieve their goals to lead their industries with data driven innovations. Sometimes hard choices are a good thing.


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