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Badr Ouali

Badr Ouali

Head of Data Science

Badr Ouali works as a Lead Data Scientist for Vertica worldwide. He can embrace data projects end to end through a clear understanding of the “big picture” as well as attention to details, resulting in achieving great business outcomes – a distinctive differentiator in his role. Badr enjoys sharing knowledge and insights related to data analytics with colleagues & peers and has a sweet spot for Python. He loves helping customers finding the best value from their data and empower them to solve their use-cases.

VerticaPy Unify 2022 Sessions

Vertica Unify 2022 is a great time to learn about Vertica, its new features, and best practices. To complement the many great presentations at Vertica Unify 2022 both in Boston and Paris, I’m very excited to present two sessions: one on VerticaPy best practices, and another general session on VerticaPy and its features. VerticaPy is...

New Version 0.5 of VerticaPy

Last week, the VerticaPy team released a new version v0.5.0 focused on hyperparameter tuning, time series analysis and model explainability.
Vertica wishes you a Happy Holidays

New VerticaPy Features Added – Just in Time for the Holidays

The team behind VerticaPy wishes you happy holidays and a happy new year from Boston, and from Grenoble in the French Alps! Make 2021 your year to operationalize Machine Learning at Scale with Vertica and Python.    VerticaPy is a Python library that exposes scikit-like functionality for conducting data science projects in your Vertica database....