Cloud Without Compromises

Posted March 4, 2022 by Ryann Sawyer, Marketing Specialist

Most organizations are spinning up new analytical workloads and the big industry pundits all say they should move them to the cloud. Whether your workload requirement is for business intelligence, machine learning, or both, the cloud is the place to do it. But a lot of analytical databases on the cloud are giant black boxes. They take away the control you need to make sure you hit tight response requirements, and many just don’t have the right capabilities to fit your organization’s needs.

Data is the leading river of digital innovation, but harnessing data to drive better decisions and actions isn't easy

How do you choose

the right platform to fit your organizational realities and technical requirements? Do you simply have to accept the compromises you’re facing in a platform that is only available as a cloud service or only available in one cloud?

Put your search on the right track from the beginning Don’t miss this upcoming webinar: Cloud Without Compromises: Crucial Analytical Data Platform Requirements – What to Consider When Choosing a High-Scale, Cloud-Centric Platform for Evolved Analytical & Data Science Needs

In this webinar, hosted by Vertica’s Paige Roberts, Doug Henschen, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, will share his research on the evolution of analytical data platforms, and his insight on choosing the right one for your organization. A special guest, Bert Corderman, Senior Manager of Engineering at The Trade Desk, will join to discuss his company’s multi-petabyte analytics challenge, and how their chosen architecture generates over 40,000 reports a day while keeping costs under control.


  • How data lake, data warehouse, and combination platforms have evolved for cloud deployment
  • Why hybrid and multi-cloud deployment flexibility is a must for many organizations
  • What cost, security, and performance trade-offs to watch out for in cloud services, and more.

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