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Joy King

VP, Vertica Product Management & Product Marketing

Joy leads Vertica’s Product Management and Product Marketing organizations and is responsible for business strategy, product roadmap and go-to-market initiatives. Joy has spent three decades in the software industry and is a passionate believer in the power of predictive analytics and the need for every company to become an industry disruptor.

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Can a 100-Year Old Business Innovate with IoT Analytics?

One of my greatest pleasures is dining out at all the amazing restaurants here in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. I am always amazed and so proud of the innovative and authentic ethnic cuisines that have made the Triangle a nationally recognized foodie community. I think about the complexities of...
Bullet train rendering with Vertica on side, and zooming effect with "Depot" sign behind

Vertica in Eon Mode Depot – Where Did You Go?

Separating compute from storage is such a hot topic these days. “Instance types” and “S3 Object Storage” are core to the language of the public clouds (unless you’re Azure, then substitute S3 with Blob but leave the Object Storage part). This next-generation architecture enables so many operational and economic advantages – workload isolation, elastic scaling,...
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The Vertica Academy Is Open for Learning

One of the greatest impacts from digital transformation, both from a personal and professional point of view, is not just the democratization of data - a very popular topic here at Vertica! - but the democratization of knowledge. Today, we are excited to announce the new, a platform that offers self-paced, technical training and certifications...
Net Promoter Score

Vertica Scores Big in Customer Satisfaction

After more than a decade in enterprise sales, I confess that my least favorite experience is being forced to buy anything that requires me to engage with a salesperson. I do all my research online, read reviews from multiple sites, and talk with trusted friends and business colleagues to get their opinion on any of...
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Big Data – Big Asset or Big Liability

The newly converged Cloudera recently announced its quarterly earnings and the market was very disappointed, resulting in a stock price drop of 42% and a lot of negative media coverage. One headline that stuck out to me read: “Does Cloudera’s Stock Drop Signal the End of Big Data?” I thought, “No, I don’t think Cloudera’s...
Save the Date, Vertica Big Data Conference, March 30 - April 2

Save the Date for the Vertica Big Data Conference

The next , hosted at the brand-new Encore Boston Harbor Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts! In our very crowded and noisy market, there are more tradeshows and conferences than there are days in the year. So why should anyone be excited about this? The BDC is special. I say that not only because I’m passionate and...
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Open Source Software is Free, Like a Puppy

Open source software has a long and inspiring history. In the very early days of software itself, academic collaboration was the norm. But in the late 70’s and early 80’s, manufacturers increasingly copyrighted their technologies, protected their source code, and required licensed use of software. The era of commercial software was born. Freedom! Richard Stallman...
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Only the Strongest and Boldest Data-Driven Companies Will Survive

One of my favorite analyst quotes comes from Ray Wang at Constellation Research. It’s simple, it’s direct, and it’s scary - “Digital Darwinism is unkind to those who wait.” I have quoted it many times as a proof point for why traditional companies must evolve and adapt if they are to survive. The fundamentals of...
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It’s Time for Time Series

Recently, as I always do, I was reading about some emerging trends in our industry and a headline popped out at me -- did you know that time series databases are one of the fastest growing specialty database platforms? That was a surprise to me, so I did a little more research. Time After Time,...
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Take Vertica and Call Me in the Morning

Last night, at 1:37 am, I found myself awake and thinking about . To anyone who knows me, this should come as no surprise. I was thinking about how different Vertica is from so many other players in the market and I realized that we have for years proudly described Vertica as a full ANSI...
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Convenience But at What Cost?

Convenience is so important to me. Move quickly and get things done. That’s probably why I am so addicted to Amazon Prime despite the fact that I could save money if I would just do a little research and find better prices for the things I buy. My impatience and one click buyer behavior is...
House diagram showing sensors for lights, weather, security, internal temp, etc.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Metering

Every month, my husband receives a driver’s report from Chevrolet, providing him with “feedback” on his driving behavior – everything from the intensity of his braking to the number of lane changes without a blinker to the distance and speed he drove in his Silverado truck. The report also provides specific details on the upcoming...