Vertica Partners Are the Key to Your Success at BDC 2020

Posted January 8, 2020 by Jeremiah Morrow, Senior Industry Product Marketing Manager

partner fist bump

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about the Vertica Big Data Conference 2020. One of my favorite parts of the event will be introducing our partner ecosystem to our customers!

As Vertica’s partner marketing manager, one of my guiding principles is that innovation doesn’t happen in a silo. In my experience, many technology and service providers suffer from a form of “tunnel vision” – they are very close to their product and their customers, and they are so invested in their own experience that they miss or discount macro trends in the broader market. The easiest way to combat tunnel vision is to constantly seek information and opinions from outside the organization. The more people and viewpoints we can bring to the table for our customers, the more likely we are to deliver truly transformative solutions.

In my role, I see those people and viewpoints coming from technology and channel partners, and they’ll both be represented in our Sponsor Showcase at the Big Data Conference. Each one plays an important part in the customer experience.

Technology Partners

Vertica is an open platform with a broad and deep set of technology integrations. Chances are, if you are using a Business Intelligence/Visualization platform, such as Qlik or Tableau, it has a tight integration with Vertica. You can point your ETL tools to Vertica to bring data into the database, and you can bring in streaming data using Kafka. You can use Alteryx or Dataiku for data science. You can install Vertica on your choice of hardware on-premises, or in the Public Clouds.

Vertica Open Ecosystem Architecture Diagram

The bottom line is that Vertica is one tool in a set of tools that creates a data pipeline. We want our customers to have the freedom to choose the tools that best solve their specific challenges. Many of our technology partners will be at the Big Data Conference to share how customers like you are using their tools with Vertica.

Channel Partners

We’re excited to introduce many of our channel partners at the Big Data Conference. The channel includes value-added resellers and services and solution providers, and they add a ton of value to the customer experience. Here are just a few of the roles they play:

Channel Partners
  • They have Vertica expertise. Some of our partners have been working with Vertica for years, and can provide services and support to help you optimize the performance of your Vertica environment, or accelerate a new project.
  • They know our technology partners. Our partners often have certain tools or providers besides Vertica with whom they work closely. They can function as a third party source of information and advice, and they can show you what an end-to-end solution might look like.
  • They are a one-stop shop. Our channel partners generally resell Vertica along with other technologies, so you can simplify procurement processes and negotiate with a single provider.

Meet our partners at the Big Data Conference

Our technology and channel partners are bringing a great deal of knowledge and expertise to the customer experience. No matter what your level of experience is with Vertica and big data, it’s likely that our partners have something new to teach you. That makes them a core component of the Big Data Conference 2020, and I encourage you to stop by their booths and introduce yourself.

I’ll be highlighting some of our sponsors over the next couple of months as we get closer to the conference. You can check out the current list of sponsors here.

If you are a partner and you are interested in becoming a Big Data Conference sponsor, fill out the Contact Us form here or reach out to me on LinkedIn. I’m happy to connect!


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