Vertica Big Data Conference 2020 – Are You Excited Yet?

Posted October 25, 2019 by Joy King, VP Product & GTM Strategy, Vertica

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The Vertica Big Data Conference (BDC) clock is ticking and my excitement is growing by the minute! I want to make sure that our Vertica community is up to date on the latest news, especially some of the General Session speakers and Breakout tracks. And let’s not forget one of the most special components of the BDC — The Developers Lounge!

The BDC is always filled with great General Session speakers, 25+ Engineering-led sessions and Best Practices deep dives, and of course, customer speakers representing some of the most data-driven companies on the planet. Have you seen the movie “21” and read about the MIT Blackjack Team? Wouldn’t it be cool to hear directly from Jeffrey Ma, who was the centerpiece of that whole story? At the Vertica BDC, that’s exactly what you’ll have the opportunity to do! But that’s not all. One of my favorite contemporary analysts, Ray Wang, the CEO of Constellation Research, is also going to join us in the General Session and I am personally very interested to hear his industry perspective. I still find myself quoting his very powerful message from a few years ago … “Digital Darwinism is unkind to those who wait.” And yes, it definitely is!

Have you always been interested in truly BIG data like Uber? Have you wondered how online gaming companies like Sony and GSN always seems to be able to customize and personalize your gaming experience? Have you thought about the scale and performance required to handle all those personalized ads that follow you around the web, powered by platforms like Criteo? The BDC is your chance to learn about every one of these unique use cases and talk directly – with a glass of wine or beer in hand – with the administrators and analytics leads who make it all happen. There’s really nothing that matches a live conversation with someone who faces the same challenges and can share solutions that really work.

And then there’s the “Dev Lounge” … a spot where Vertica engineers, architects, and our meticulous QA team hangs out all day waiting for anyone to stop by and ask whatever question that they want. The Vertica technical community is so eager to talk directly with Vertica users and hear what they love about Vertica, what else they need from Vertica, and any questions they have about Vertica. My favorite story about the Dev Lounge was from 2015, when one of our biggest Vertica champions stopped by the Dev Lounge to vent about a problem he’d been experiencing with data loading. One of the Vertica engineers grabbed his laptop and the two huddled on a couch for 20 minutes. Then there was cheering and applause because the problem was resolved! Did I mention there will be drinks and snacks in the Dev Lounge too?

One thing that’s important to remember – register now! Our first BDC back in 2013 sold out quickly because we are committed to keeping the right vibe, which means not overloading the venue with too many people. We want everyone to be together but we want everyone to be able to connect, talk, and learn without struggling through massive crowds. The BDC is special, so don’t wait.

Now is the time!


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