Join the Powerful Vertica Big Data Community Open House with Free Community Edition

Posted June 25, 2020 by Mike Perrow, Senior Product Marketing Writer/Editor

Community Edition

What comes to mind when you hear the word “community”? A village, a neighborhood? Maybe sidewalks where people say hello, where they have a few things in common – perhaps an identity, sometimes a sense of pride, definitely a sense of belonging. We’re social creatures, so being part of a community means sharing experiences, too, telling stories about the world beyond or things happening right next door.

These are the reasons we call the free downloadable version of Vertica the “Community Edition.” By putting it out there on our home page, we’re inviting you to share the experience of our big data community, and join the practitioners who are happy to call Vertica home. We want you to get a taste for what they keep telling us is the best analytical data warehouse on the market. Of course, we hope you like what you see, and that you’ll be moving down the street to the Vertica neighborhood.

What the Vertica community has built with their many different installations is truly amazing. They’ve based their systems on unique infrastructures, consisting of public clouds, on-premises resources, Hadoop data lakes, and everything in between. Many of our customers began their journey by trying out the Community Edition (or CE). In fact since 2016, we’ve seen nearly 20,000 CE downloads. And we’re inviting you to sign up today.

What makes the Vertica Big Data Community so valuable?

In the first place, Vertica CE is free. Whether you’re a data scientist wanting to fine-tune SQL analytic queries and explore machine learning capability, or a novice who just wants to get your feet wet in the big data space, Vertica CE is a great place to start. You can work with up to 1 terabyte of stored data, and up to 3 compute and storage nodes. For teams just getting started, this can serve as much more than just a proof-of-concept – it can actually take you far down your big data road.

Vertica Community Edition also gives you installation and configuration guidance. You have access to the Vertica User Forum, where you can find fast answers to many of the common questions new users have. Or you can ask just about anything, and receive a response out of the deep well of Vertica customer knowledge. As with any software community, Vertica users love to share their tips and tricks. You’ll also find a thoughtful vanguard of big data enthusiasts, happy to consider your big data issues, and share with you the stories of their own trials and successes.

And there’s more.

Vertica Academy delivers FREE formal training

We are so committed to your success with the Vertica SQL analytical data warehouse that, last fall, we launched a new learning portal called Vertica Academy. We’ve already registered more than 1,500 users (as of the beginning of March). Vertica Academy is also FREE, and it delivers a structured approach to learning Vertica and the complex world of big data analytics. You can even become a Vertica certified professional. Learn something on Vertica Academy, and try it out immediately on the Community Edition.

Vertica Academy provides self-paced courses, webinars, certifications, product documentation, quick start guides for integrations with the top tools in the data analytics industry, demos, user forums, and more. It’s a powerful tool for anyone who wants to get up to speed with the Vertica database, and it can pave the way to more advanced analytics for a big data team just getting off the ground.

Install Vertica CE on your infrastructure of choice – not just in the cloud

We know you have a number of big data analytics solutions to consider in today’s marketplace, and of course we want you to try Vertica. Here’s one thing to consider: Some popular big data platforms offer a cloud-only solution, meaning that on-premises resources get factored out of the analytics infrastructure. For some small-to-medium businesses, that may be ok today. But why prohibit your business from growing into domains that require some or all of your data to reside on-prem? Or why restrict your big data operations to the cloud alone, if you already have hybrid cloud resources you want to include in your big data footprint?

All versions of Vertica, including Vertica Community Edition, are agnostic regarding your infrastructure. You can deploy it where your data lives, not where your software dictates you have to move it.

Try Vertica Community Edition today

It’s easy to join the Vertica big data community, and put the power of ground-breaking speed and scale to work on your big data challenges. With a Vertica free community edition, you can deploy on up to three nodes of commodity hardware either on-premises or on AWS, Google, or Azure clouds, and store up to 1 TB of data. There’s no expiration date. This isn’t a timed trial. It’s yours. Use it for as long as you like. Welcome to the community.

Download it today!