GigaOm Radar for Data Warehouses Recognizes Vertica as Leader

Posted January 17, 2023 by Jeff Healey, Vice President of Marketing, Vertica Product Group in Micro Focus

With the excitement in our industry regarding the emergence of data lakehouses, there’s a good chance that you are planning to modernize or even “replatform” your incumbent data warehouse to meet an ever-evolving variety of analytical use cases.

Many vendors, like Vertica, have transformed the original concept of data warehouses with groundbreaking innovations like massively parallel processing (MPP), columnar storage, in-database analytics and machine learning, separation of compute from storage architecture, and more. As a result, data-driven organizations have at their disposal several extensible data warehouse platforms they can adapt to their current and future needs.

But, selecting the right data warehouse – or, more accurately, a data analytics platform – can be a challenge given the overhyped claims swirling out there, funded by billions of dollars of investment.

There’s a new report to consider that provides clarity as you navigate the data warehouse landscape – the GigaOm Radar for Data Warehouses. It’s written to provide, in GigaOm’s own words, “IT decision makers with the information needed to select the best fit for their business and use case requirements.”

Vertica Leads the Pack of 12 Data Warehouse Vendors

GigaOm evaluated 12 data warehouse vendors by “applying evaluations of specific key criteria and evaluation metrics.” The report details and scores each of the vendors by market and user segments, key criteria (technical capabilities), as well as evaluation metrics that you will likely use when running your own proof of concepts (POCs) or bake-offs.

Vertica earned the Exceptional rating for the Large Enterprise category in the market segment and for the Data Analyst and Data Engineer categories in the user segment. For Key Criteria, Vertica received Exceptional ratings for Multicluster Structure, Advanced Data Governance and Security, Data Ingestion, and Data Replication. Most importantly, Vertica achieved Exceptional ratings in five out of six evaluation metrics, ultimately placing closest to the center as a leader and “fast mover” in the radar graph.

Get your complimentary report of the GigaOm Radar for Data Warehouses and supplement your research efforts in ultimately choosing the data warehouse that’s the right fit for your growing and evolving analytical use cases, today and in the future.